Bubbles The Book Pimp – 2019

Reflections on 2019 as we move into 2020…where to start…2019 putting it mildly has been a total bitch, I apologise for being MIA so much ( in the HQ especially )

I had so many plans for this year…but life being what it is…I hit a bit of a speed bump and all my plans for this blog, work and my life in general came to a screeching halt after I was diagnosed with cancer early on in the year. Fast forward a few months, numerous procedures, weeks of treatment and finally that all important NED! No Evidence of Disease 🙌🏻🙌🏻

I’m moving in the right direction… baby steps…but each one is a step in the right direction ♥️ I have high hopes for this year…fingers crossed no recurrence and a continued steady recovery.

I will admit it I failed my goodreads 2019 reading challenge…but I plan to crush 2020’s challenge with more books read, catching up with some of my much neglected TBR list, recommended reads and blog posts.

I wanted to send a massive shout out to all the authors and readers ( aka friends ) that have supported me this year…you guys kept me going when I felt very vulnerable, raw and alone. The fact you were thinking of me, supporting me and helping me to smile through one of the hardest times in my life was, is and continues to be a most cherished gift that I will never forget. Thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️
You guys are my tribe and words cannot express how much I appreciate you all.

Whatever your plans for tonight have a good one…

Happy New Year!!!

Love Jo ( Bubbles The Book Pimp )

P.s 2 year blogversary baby!! 🙌🏻🥂🍾🎉

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