Krygor’s Hope: Braxians Book 3 by Regine Abel


For Family. For Honor.

Discarded by her husband who then sells her as a pleasure worker, Hope secretly enters into an Indentured Servant contract with a strip club owner to avoid being given to an unknown master. But she soon realizes that he has not only conned her into endless servitude, he also has nefarious plans involving her child. Desperate, she turns to a broker to find a new buyer for her contract. As soon as she meets the buyer, a Braxian giant named Krygor, with a fearsome face and the body of a god, Hope knows the Goddess has finally answered all of her prayers.

When Krygor comes to Lilith Hive for business and leisure, the last thing he expects is to fall hard for a delicate beauty and feel so paternal towards her teenaged daughter, both in desperate need of his protection. Hope awakens in him feelings he had banished after getting his heart torn to shreds by his first love. But a broken heart quickly becomes the least of his worries when enemies from his past use his females to capture him.

They shouldn’t have messed with the most insane of the Braxian Berserkers. They may think they have him at their mercy, but Krygor will bathe in their blood for daring to threaten what’s his.

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

This is the third instalment in spin off/consecutive series that runs alongside the authors fantastic ( and one of my all time favourites) The Veredian Chronicles.

To fully enjoy this book and have a full understanding of the multi layered story arc within this book you need to read the first two book in the series Anton’s Grace and Ravik’s Mercy. The books from both series are deeply untwined and story arcs and characters intermingle throughout.

I would and do HIGHLY recommend reading, the complete Veredian Chronicles too! As the stories include within the pages are untwined with the Veredian Chronicles. As with all books by Regine, this book follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in that it is a fantastic addition and continuance of an already mind blowingly great series.

As mentioned above… I won’t be going into too much detail in this review because #NoSpoilers!!

Krygor is a dream and a nightmare ( for his enemies ) rolled into one, a humongous beast of a Male with strength of a berserker and the soul as deep as the ocean. Regine writes the ultimate in protective, gruff and gooey protective book boyfriends. His love interest is Hope, an indentured slave, her existence has been a hard one and despite the exceedingly hard hand she has been dealt.. she has the strength and determination to do what needs to be done, at whatever cost to herself, to find a way out of her circumstances to better her life and her daughters by seeking to escape her current master.

I adored this book, it was a highly anticipated read for me that did not disappoint. Filled with gut wrenching emotions, heart ache and a chemistry that was through the roof… I could not put it down. Filled with an expertly crafted world, the original and wonderfully ever evolving story arc that continues to develop and grip my attention ensures that this series of books continues to be my absolute favourite series… bravo Regine ♥️

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