Portrait of Death: Uncovered by Isabel Wroth

“It’s time to go home, Jo.”

I hear the voice in my dreams, but I don’t understand what it means. I am home. I haven’t left for two weeks because once again, my name and my private life is the hottest topic in local news, only this time, it’s not a drug-addled ex-boyfriend dragging me through the mud.

Some intrepid reporter no one ever heard of before tracked my parents down in Florida and asked for a comment about my recent brush with a serial killer. Now, they’re here in Manhattan, and every other day there’s another exposé. Another story. Another lie.

My plan was to ignore it all. To wait for the feeding frenzy to die down, go about my business, focus on the strong, powerful man in my bed who whispers and growls in my ear that I’m his.

But my plan isn’t working, and now I understand what that voice in my dreams meant. I have to go back to the place where I lived as a child. To the place where my brother died. I have to go home and give one more interview to set things right… before it’s too late.



Review by Bubbles The BookPimp

So I’ve been seriously slacking of late with regard to books… and this book has been so high on my the list that I seriously kicked my arse when I finished it… because it’s bloody brilliant!! 
I mean I knew it would be… the first Portrait of Death: Unforgotten was original and unique and emotional… so the sequel portrait of death: uncovered was bound to blow my mind, because it’s all that and more! Remember folks Trigger warnings for those that need them, like the first book, this is not a light and fluffy read. It’s gritty, raw and emotive on so many levels. This tale involves death and descriptions of abuse…take from that what you will.Filled with the wonderful characters from book one the story continues for Jo… a gifted artist and psychic who enters a almost fugue-like trance and pains murders scenes, her detective boyfriend Callum and his parents on the ever revolving story of Jo’s deceased brother. 

Although somewhat harrowing given the topic, this book was an absolute pleasure to read. The characters are well written and realistic, the story continues to revolve and offer up equal amounts of creativity and intrigue. Jo and Callum’s relationship continues to sizzle with the heat of a thousand fiery suns and ergo make my heart swoon with joy.
The emotions filled within the pages are a whirlwind of sadness, joy and hope… all I can say is bravo author…Isabel, you are rocking my world one kickass story at a time!! 

Despite my massive book hangover from such an epic readzzz my eyes are peeled and ready for the next instalment to drop!

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