💫 Bane: The Ladyships #2 by Bex McLynn 💫

They call him the Bane. She calls him her hero.

Maude never considered herself weak-minded, not until she woke up hearing a voice inside her head. Now she’s dealing with alien captors, a bio-mechanical organism infecting her body, and two brutal suns frying her skin. Oh, and time is not on her side. Her sole ally is a towering Teras alien who steals her breath with his brilliant smiles and heated gazes. She desperately needs to get home, yet her savior is stealing her heart.

Therion Borac is many things. His mother’s darling. His father’s hellion. His house’s bane. Never an honorable man. When his house calls upon him to rescue an abducted human woman, he’ll eagerly save the lady but won’t hope for anything more. With crime lords and powerful Teras organizations threatening Maude, he knows she’ll need a scoundrel at her back more than she’ll need an honorable man at her side. For Maude, he will gladly remain the Bane.



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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

This is a fantastic follow up and much anticipated sequel in The Ladyships series. If you haven’t read the first in series, Thanemonger, ITS CURRENTLY ON SALE! for $0.99 OR KU, during BANE’s release week!

(10/1 thru 10/7)



To enjoy this book and the series to its fullest you need to have read Thanemonger, it’s filled with back story that you NEED to know! And it’s a bloody blindingly great read.

I also recommend that if you haven’t you also read prequel novella for the same reasons.




Bane picks up where Thanemonger ends and dives straight into the action…and the wonderful ‘Fucking Therion’ aka Bane is still as ever the wonderful enigma that we met in book 1.

I adored this book for many reasons…the first and for most was we got to look into Therion’s mind…we learnt more about how and why he is, who he is and the reasons behind why he does the things he does… sorry for the vagueness but #NoSpoilersHere

Secondly the humour that fills the book..the banter between Bane and his family members was brilliantly crafted… I’m mean come on… ‘Gods those two shits were squeezed from the same arsehole’….( and it’s context ) is probably the best line in a book EVER!!! Bane’s narrative was both funny, peppered with vulgarity and emotionally priceless…he is defiantly my kinda guy! 🙌🏻💯♥️

The connection between Bane and his heroine, Maude..was beautiful and sweet and hot and spicy. Just bloody fantastic!

Thirdly…and by no means lastly.. the uniqueness of the story arc that is contained in this series is one that is well thought out, original and continues to develop and grow and equally blow my mind with each book that this author releases. There is a lot revealed in this book , consider my socks blown off! Because I was not expecting the ‘big reveal’ equal parts stunned and shocked and mind blown…this was an unputdownable read and i am so so so so looking forward to the next instalment!

Bravo author…You Rawk 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

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