New Release: 🐺Werewolf Cinderella by Amanda Milo🐺

Every eligible female *must* attend the ball by decree of the king.

On account of my tendency to suddenly turn from a woman into a wolf, I’d really prefer if I wasn’t being forced into attending.

Anger burns in my throat, making me growl.

Stepmother covers my hand with hers, gently squeezing my fingers.

That’s my stepmother. Grace above all; even under fire… or the threat of a noose. She’s a better woman than I.

What? You thought the rumors were true? That she’s my wicked stepmother, who’s kept me as her indentured servant under the stairs?

Oh my friend, you don’t know the half of this story.

To tell it, I’d best begin at the beginning.

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

What do you do when one of your all time favourite authors releases a super secret fairytale retelling of Cinderella??

You buy that sucker pronto and dive in… neglecting your children and husband, screaming ‘fend for yourselves…I’m reading!!’

(Side note: it’s a good job the husband does all the cooking in our house anyway!!)

And so you read until your little hearts content, laughing and chuckling and reeling from the feels that aforementioned author has wrapped into her wonderful new book! It’s called Werewolf Cinderella…that gives you a clue…but prepare for a whole lot of fantastic twists to the Cinderella story of our childhoods.

I’m not a fan of spoiling stories for anyone… but my gawd! If you love all things fairytale then you don’t just GOT TO..You NEED this book ASAP!!

It’s short ( whilst giving great story ) steamy ( Prince Charming did WHUT..WHERE??…dirty boy…I think I lust him ) and just bloody fantastic!!

Find Amanda here

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