Portrait of Death: Unforgotten by Isabel Wroth

Blurb 🔥

Three years ago, I held her pink silk toe shoe in my hand, helplessly watching the cab drive away before I could give it back to her. The next morning when I stood in front of the portrait drying on my easel, I knew the beautiful ballerina would soon die.

Her portrait is one of two hundred and twenty-seven. Each one of the subjects is the victim of murder, and I’ve painted them all. I’ve kept my morbid ability a secret for twenty years, terrified someday, someone would find out.

Someday has arrived, and the someone banging down my door demanding answers is a gorgeous, irate homicide detective armed with a photo of one of my paintings right there on the front page of the most popular tabloid in the city. He peppers me with questions I can’t answer, and despite my worst fears being realized, all I can think about is painting this man, alive, and with far fewer clothes on.

Detective Callum Graham tells me the dead ballerina I painted is his sister, and she’s been missing for three years. Missing, he says firmly, as though any other conclusion is unacceptable. My inappropriate thoughts of seeing him naked, vanish. How do I explain to this man, this brother desperate to find his baby sister alive, that she’s been dead for two years, eleven months, and three weeks?



Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Now I know this author from her great sci fi romance reads. I am not a fan of murder mystery or crime books at all, they remind me of a past long term profession I had and reading books of those genres generally feels too much like ( old ) work… HOWEVER after reading the blurb… I was intrigued.

Trigger warnings for those that need them, this is not a light and fluffy read. It involves death and serial killers…take from that what you will.

This book had me hooked from the start, with a underpinning paranormal theme and vibe that was delivered by our leading lady’s perspective. I could not put this book down.

I loved Jo she was a great female lead… funny, smart and sensitive. Her personal story is one that is filled with heartbreak, pain and loss. Our main man, Cal is a wonderful mix of grumpy, grouchy, sexy he-man. He has his own personal mission and tale of sadness. Their interactions were not only emotive but funny and an absolute pleasure to read. Their connection and chemistry was phenomenally crafted and I loved the almost slow burn build up🔥🔥

I was not prepared for the feels that this book unleashed on me but my god it was an emotional rollercoaster that was so worth the read!

It’s a story that breaks your heart to pieces and then puts it back together. Making even the ‘toughest’ of Book Pimps shed a tear or two ( FYI it’s me…I’m the Book Pimp… I cried buckets!! )

I was ecstatic to learn that there will be a sequel and am looking forward to the next instalment!

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