🐺New Release🐺Rein: A Tidefall Novel by Bex Mclynn


The hunt no longer satisfied them. They wanted more.

Nikolas has sheathed his claws. After centuries of hunting and exterminating his own people—wolf shifters cursed with Madness—all he wants is oblivion. Fortunately, a relentless huntress has targeted him, and he gladly welcomes his end by her hand.

In truth, death has never looked so lovely.

Oliviana wants her revenge, yet immortal beings who know her deadly secret have waylaid her hunt. Forced to follow Nikolas into dangerous territory, she hears whispers about an end to Madness. A ‘too-little-too-late’ cure that hinges on Nikolas being alive and well—and mated.

The gods must find endless amusement in her misery.

As their anger and grief are replaced by understanding and passion, Nikolas and Oliviana are still parted by their duty. Will sacrificing their hearts’ desire be enough to save their people?

Rein is a paranormal fantasy adventure set in the 1700s with action, humor, tender moments, and steamy entanglements. Contains mature themes and is intended for adults only. Enjoy!



Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

I read the blurb… paranormal fantasy adventure set in the 1700’s and knew I had to read this story!

As a lover of all genres.. fantasy rates high up in my featured reads, and this book is an example of a truly fantastic fantasy read.

There is a whole lotta original story in this book and let me tell you… this ain’t no novella! It’s a big meaty beast of a story.

It’s a artistically and painstaking developed and created world within the human world, that features all manner of creatures, shifters and gods.

Filled with flashes of action that were fast paced and exciting. The story itself is a wonderful almost mystery that left me questioning every characters actions and made it very hard to put the book down. It’s an intriguing read filled with pure blinding flashes of comedy and ‘feels’ that left a big happy smile on my face and a book hangover in my brain because I just enjoyed it that much 💯🙌🏻♥️

The level of world building that Bex Mclynn goes into is both breathtaking and vivid…this was a book that I literally got my teeth into… i chomped it up and practically swallowed it whole… it had my full attention.

I’m left hoping that there will be more books ( in this series?? ) because there are a number of characters I am dying to know more about!!


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