Beth’s Stable: Stolen by an Alien #6 by Amanda Milo


They say that in space, no one can hear you… 
(Yeah, you know what I’m quoting.) 
But there are lots of places you can still scream and be heard. Especially if you suddenly find yourself on a ship traveling through space. 
I’ve been abducted by aliens and auctioned to an alien pirate. 
My epic love of movies sort of comes in handy, what with all the sci-fi suddenly in my face. Therefore, I don’t completely lose my mind when my new owner takes me to his ship where I learn I’m under the control of not one, but *five* space pirates. 
(…And it’s not scary at all when I only meet four of them, and everyone warns me away from the mystery fifth alien.) 
Luckily, they’re not deterred by the fact that I’ve come to them carrying a passenger. 
I’m pregnant. 
Last I saw my ex, he was hell-bent on giving me another beating I wouldn’t forget. But with my new ‘owners,’ I’m safe for the first time in a long time–and so is my little girl. Not that everything is all raindrops on roses, and innocent kittens: they’re pirates. They’ve got a real addiction to plundering, and a passion for purloining. 
I’m pretty fond of the former, but when it comes to the thieving, I’m afraid they’re going to take more than my body. 
…Piece by piece, all five of my pirates are stealing my *heart.*

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

This is the six book in Amanda Milo’s stolen by an alien series, of you have not read the previous books… where have you been and stop what your doing… each one of those is an unmissable read and must be read to enjoy this book! Other wise you will miss out on so much alien fun… and masses of story.
From start to finish this long anticipated story about Beth and her stable is a pure sci fi delight.
We met Beth, and her guys what seems so very very long ago… and the wait has been so worth it! Each guy ( who I cannot name because I had the brain fuzz ( these authors like to mix up the vowels and the consonants for fun) is an individual dream space dude in his own right but for me big T was my special brand of 😍😍😍😍 sharp and soft and just yummy all over. Not that the other guys are all spectacular in their own rights… because they are 💯🙌🏻♥️.
I mean who doesn’t love pirates? Daring, dashing, scrappy, loving and caring Space pirates at that!!!
Without spoilers, this is a a journey of epic proportions and one that I would never miss. This book is filled with love and laughs and feels that will wrap you up in a great big book hug and was an absolute joy.

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