Tamed by the Troll: Perished Woods #1 by Tracy Lauren


Once the belle of her village, life took a dark turn for Adelaide upon her parent’s death. Plagued by lingering grief, there was not a soul who didn’t turn their back on her. They called her angry and spiteful… Hell, they called her a monster. 

One fateful day Adelaide finds herself alone, lingering on the edge of The Perished Woods–a cursed and evil place. Without warning, an orc army attacks. 

Her village ablaze, Adelaide races into the Perished Woods, seeking refuge in a place of nightmares. With orcs at her heels, she’s desperate to escape. But when the young woman crosses an aging stone bridge in the middle of the cursed forest she’s met with an even more fearsome enemy. A troll… one who is determined to save her. 



Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Fantastic new first in series. I’m hoping that there are many more to follow.

I know this author for her fantastic sci fi romance reads. So I was overjoyed to see her branch in to the fantasy romance genre with This book.

I am a die hard lover of all far/fairytale tales, there’s something so great that can be found in a connection between a human and a being that is ‘fae’. From the initial oh so scary to the changing of perspective that allows a development of mutual respect and ultimately love.

This book made my brain light up and do a happy dance of epic proportions. I loved the interactions between the Brom and Addy. They were a veritable word buffet of humour and sass and emotion that just kept on giving and giving.

I’m so so so looking forward to more in this series and cannot wait to see what other times of other that we meet.

My only grumble is as always minuscule… I wanted another epilogue… because I’m greedy 🤣🤣💯♥️

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