New Release: Mama and the Alien Warrior: by Honey Phillips and Bex McLynn!

Can a weary warrior and an abducted mother save each other?
The Cires face extinction after losing the females of their race to a deadly plague, and despite Captain Hrebec’s attempts to save his people, they have resigned themselves to their fate.
Until Hrebec’s ship intercepts an illegal Vedeckian trader with a cargo of females and babies—including a precious Cire infant. But it is the human female, Abby, who catches his attention and makes him dream of having a mate and a family for the first time.
Abby Wentworth never regretted abandoning her corporate career to adopt her orphaned niece and run a maternity home. But she certainly never expected to find herself and her girls abducted by aliens only interested in selling them as breeders.
When they are rescued by a massive alien Captain and his crew, desires she has long suppressed start to surface. She finds herself completely drawn to Hrebec, who treats both her and her daughter with unwavering devotion.
But Abby has to get her girls back to Earth, and Hrebec has one last chance to save his race. Will their duties force them apart, or will they finally find the family they both long for?

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Fantastic new release from Honey Phillips and Bex McLynn.

Featuring all the great things that make for an amazing steamy sci fi romance read.. plus a whole lot more! 
This is a fantastic unique story. Both gripping and emotional to the point of heart breaking. I adored the main man Herbrec..he was a wonderfully created character that truly made me swoon. Abby is a fantastic leading lady, I loved her no nonsense/take care attitude. Filled with true heart touching moments I devoured it in one go. Nothing was stopping me from finishing this bad boy!

I would love love love for this to become a series. The co authors have created such a great world and story together that has left me wanting to know more! 

Bravo ladies bravo! 😘😘😘 

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