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Note from Bubbles The Book Pimp

So this is a is something new I’ve decided to do for Bubbles The Book Pimp… a spotlight series review and each day will be dedicated and feature the next sequential book from a selected series…and SURPRISE!!! another ‘first for Bubbles The Book Pimp’ and interview with the spotlight author..HONEY PHILLIPS!!

An author whose first book landed in September 2018! And has gone on to write and release a mind blowing 6 further releases ( with impending and penultimate in series Faith And The Fighter ) in less than a year!

Honey has become a fast favourite of mine. She has a gift a blending truly steamy reads with fantastic story, that develops and evolves at a wonderful pace as the series progresses.

If you have been following my blog the past few days you will see each of the books in The Alien Abduction Series has been featured with her unique girls, their sometime harrowing situations and the colourful chaps who are their love interest.

A massive massive shout out and big thank you to Honey for taking part and being my first interview victim.

without further blatherings….

1) how did you get into writing

I’ve always loved to write, but there were always a lot of other things getting in the way so I put it aside for a long time.  Two things pushed me back to it.  The first was NaNoWriMo because it made me realize that not only could I finish a book, but it loved writing!  The second was just simply realizing that if I wanted my dream to happen, I had to make that first move.

2) what made you decide to write your first book? Did you publish it?

I started a couple of different books over the years, but the first one I actually finished was when I did NaNoWriMo for the first time.  It’s a steamy dark magic Victorian!  I haven’t published it (yet!) but it was a lot of fun to write and I would like to revisit it.

3) what and how do you get your inspiration for each of your books

Everywhere!  With Anna, I specifically wanted to write a space-shipwrecked story because it’s one of my favorite tropes.  My next series started from a really vivid dream sequence.  And I’m tentatively planning a third series based on a joke!

4) do you plan the books with a story set in mind?

Yes and no.  I have an overall idea, but I’m always surprised at what pops out of my subconscious while I write.  Anna was actually intended to be a standalone, but Dragar just begged for a story.  Then Kievan appeared, and…  For the next three, I had more of idea as to the overall picture, but I was still surprised.  For example, I never actually intended to have Athtar as a hero, but he stole my heart – and everyone else’s! – the moment he appeared.

5) what if anything has been the hardest challenge about writing the alien abduction series

Hoping I meet my readers’ expectations!  My heroes and heroines vary from book to book and I’m always nervous that someone will be disappointed.  But in the end, I have to write what speaks to me.

6) I know you’ve said that faith and the fighter is the last in series? Are you tempted to write more? ( you know I want the rest of the alphabet! ) 🤣🤣

I’m absolutely going to write more!  I would love to write one for every letter of the alphabet and I have at least two or three more in mind already.  There’s actually a very subtle hint in Faith as to the hero of the next story – and no, it’s not any of the crew members.

7) what has been your favourite book to write?

This is tough!  I’ll always have a soft spot for Anna because it was my first.  And, of course, Faith was just so much fun!  Honestly, it’s probably whichever book I’m currently writing.

8) you once said to me that you were ‘surprised that people are eager for your books’ do you still feel this way?

Yes!  When I hit publish on Anna, I hoped for the best but I honestly never really expected anyone to read it.  I was so surprised – and delighted – that people not only read it, but loved it!  I am still constantly thrilled and humbled that the books have been received so well!

9) what attributes do you like best in a leading Male character?

I like ‘em big! Everywhere! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge J )  But physical characteristics aside, I like them protective, possessive, and totally in love with their woman – even if they don’t realize it right away.

10) what was your last 5 star read?

Fallen from the Stars by Tiffany Roberts!  I just love their writing, plus they’re so sweet and helpful to other authors.

11) what’s coming next from Honey?

More aliens!  But this time, they’re going to be on Earth!  Alien Conquest is the first book in the Alien Invasion series which will come out starting in June.  I’m also working on a few “seekrit” projects and it looks like 2020 will be my year for cyborgs!


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