SCi Fi Romance Series Spotlight 👽GRETA AND THE GARGOYLE: Alien Abduction #3.5 by Honey Phillips

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Greta and the Gargoyle

A condemned woman. An alien guard.

Sentenced to death for killing her alien master, Greta’s only hope is a compassionate guard. Despite his frightening appearance, she is strangely drawn to the massive alien – but is what she feels only gratitude?

Mikaroz has been waiting his whole life for the perfect mate but he never expected her to be a condemned prisoner, let alone a small human female. He cannot allow her to die for defending her honor, no matter what he has to do to save her.

With their lives on the line, can Greta risk trusting him—with her life, and her heart?


Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Book 3.5 in the alien abduction series.

Each book in the Alien Abduction series features a different couple and can be enjoyed as a standalone romance. BUT..I recommend reading each book in sequential order for full reading enjoyment!

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The focus is on Mikaroz,  a wonderful marshmallow gargoyle of a guard whose employer so happens to be Kievan Rus ( the Kinky Space Dom and spacestation owner )  who we met in book 3 and Greta… a abductee that finds herself in custody following her killing her ex master.

This book runs along the same events that occur near and at the end of book 3. With Greta and Mikaroz finding themselves drawn towards each other desite the fact that he is a guard and she is a prisoner. Another Unique and wonderful story that was a massive favourite of mine.

The flashes of Mikaroz in book 3 were an absolute tease and I was hoping that he too would get his own story..and literally over the moon when I found out that Honey must have read my mind…( I mean most people know I love a great big marshmellow book boyfriend..right? im sure Ive mentioned that before…this one is better because he has WINGS!! )

Filled with a fantastic story, some pretty damm epic asskicking scenes, wondeful development of feelings  and bucketfuls of chemistry this was a pleasure from start to finish.

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