SCi Fi Romance Series Spotlight 👽BETH AND THE BARBARIAN: Alien Abduction #2 by Honey Phillips

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Beth and the Barbarian

Can an alien Outcast and a lonely human find happiness together?

Hypersensitive to the emotions of others, Beth is resigned to spending her life alone – until she is attacked by savage aliens. Rescued by a massive scarred warrior, she feels a connection for the first time.

With a chance to finally escape her loneliness, she doesn’t hesitate when he informs her she must accompany him. Dragar never expected to find the perfect female while tracking one of the saboteurs targeting his people.

A former Outcast, he is scarred inside and out, and knows that he is unworthy of a mate. His instincts insist he protect the innocent female from all danger – even his own rampant attraction – but he can’t resist her innocent allure.

Now Beth and Dragar are being pursued across the galaxy. The time on the run is only forcing them closer together. Can Dragar put aside his troubled past and give Beth the love she deserves? Or will they both end up alone again?


Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Second instalment in this series.

Each book in the Alien Abduction series features a different couple and can be enjoyed as a standalone romance. BUT..i recommend reading each book in sequential order for full reading enjoyment!

SCi Fi Romance Series Spotlight 👽ANNA AND THE ALIEN: Alien Abduction #1 by Honey Phillips

Living in isolation in the woods isn’t a problem for artist Beth…until she is attacked by aliens and saved by a scarred Sardonian warrior. Dragar finds himself on earth, following a potential lead that could sabotage the new home world… after finding himself tracking some potential enemies to a cabin in the woods… unable to withstand the small human female.. she is enticing and calls to him and he cannot see her harmed in anyway… even when it seems she is drawn to him as much as he is drawn to her.

This book from the get go is a swirling vortex of insta lust..I was sucked in and nothing was gonna tear me away from this book! The chemistry and connection between Beth and her big ‘ole’ protective marshmallow man Dragar was electric and fantastic to read.

Dayum this book was on fire! I loved the first book but this one kicked ass and was a very worthy second in series read. Filled with a action packed story, that catches us up with some familiar faces..whilst building on the already evolving plot that runs through book one and two and sets up the next in series, it was a great read that left me craving more.

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