SCi Fi Romance Series Spotlight 👽ANNA AND THE ALIEN: Alien Abduction #1 by Honey Phillips

Note from Bubbles The Book Pimp

So this is a is something new I’ve decided to do for Bubbles The Book Pimp… a spotlight series review and each day will be dedicated and feature the next sequential book from a selected series.

This first spotlight series review is in honour of the wonderful Honey Phillips. An author whose first book landed in September 2018! And has gone on to write and release a mind blowing 6 further releases ( with impending and penultimate in series Faith And The Fighter ) in less than a year!

Honey has become a fast favourite of mine with her unique girls, their sometime harrowing situations and the colourful chaps who are their love interest.

Anna And The Alien

Anna Elliott wanted to get away. But an alien spaceship was not on the itinerary!

All Anna needed was a calm, relaxing vacation. Instead, she finds herself enslaved aboard an alien spacecraft and forced to help an injured prisoner — a huge, golden-skinned warrior. Even wounded, he arouses her in ways she’s never known. But if he dies, so does she.

When the spaceship crashes on a strange planet, she must put her trust in him to survive. But the passion he stirs in her may cause her to lose her heart as well.

Jakkar is a Sardoran mercenary searching desperately for a new planet to replace his dying home world. He never expected to be injured, captured, and then shipwrecked. Forbidden to mate outside his species, he can’t help but be tempted by Anna’s curvy body and her caring heart.

Now he’s responsible for the small group of survivors — and the luscious little human he’s determined to claim as his own.

Can a girl and her alien find happiness on a deserted planet at the far end of the galaxy?

Each book in the Alien Abduction series features a different couple and can be enjoyed as a standalone romance.

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Fantastic first in series and debut book by this author.

This is a great story about Anna, abuducted and awoken on an alien vessel held captive with other abductees.

After forming an alliance of sorts the vessel is attacked and the band of aliens find themselves living together on a strange planet.

Yes..this is a trope that has been written before but that’s the things about sci fi romance that makes us sci fi lovers keep reading…we want to read all the endless alternatives that can occur when a new/existing author drops a first in series….in this case BOOM!! A new story born.. that much used trope is revitalised, refreshed and given a whole new spin!

I really enjoyed this book…it is brilliantly paced with flashes of actions that kept me captivated and entertained from the start.

This book has all the goodies required, making for a great Sci fi romance read…. because believe it or not there are prerequisites 🤣🤣

Such as a gruff and grumpy hero, peril, plots and tons of chemistry between the hero and heroin. The instant attraction and interest between Anna and Jakkar was electrifying. I loved that the author didn’t hold back in this department.

Not only is it filled with steamy romance but there is a fleshy and interesting story that is slowly being release and I can’t wait for more to be revealed in the following releases.

I love the direction this book took and cannot wait to see more from this author.

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