Sticks and Stones: Khargals of Duras by Tamsin Ley

What’s worse than being stalked by a gargoyle?

Falling in love with one.

Angie’s made it her mission to hold onto the home that is last piece of her heritage. But when a mysterious man makes an offer on the life-sized gargoyle in her garden, she quickly discovers her property holds more than sentimental heirlooms. Beneath its stony facade hides a world where legends are more than mythology, and ancient stories have roots from beyond the stars. The stone sentinel that’s guarded her family for generations is not only alive—

He’s a sexy-as-hell alien who can’t leave well enough alone.

Sten’s ship crashed on Earth centuries ago, and he has watched Angie’s family for generations, sworn to protect his deceased friend’s bloodline. He never understood what could drive a Khargal to break the Prime Directive and fall in love with a human, let alone procreate, but Angie makes Sten consider things beyond mere duty. She’s resourceful, funny, and her smile is enough to melt a statue’s heart.

And now she’s in danger.

Unaware of her alien ancestry, Angie has no idea what’s at stake. With enemies closing in, Sten is forced to break the silence he’s maintained for centuries. Can he convince this stubborn human she belongs on another world? More importantly, can he convince her she belongs by his side?

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Oooo another fantastic read from this multi author shared World sci fi romance series.

This story focuses on Angie, a avid gardener who lives in a rundown historical mansion. When she isn’t struggling to redo the house, or working at the local diner..her time is spent in her garden with her heirloom seeds and the family gargoyle… a statue that has resided in the garden for years. He is also the object of her lusty affections.

Turns out the family gargoyle, Sten.. isn’t just a statue but an alien that crush landed a thousand years ago with his crew members…separate to avoid being found…he settled into the role of protector after his friend and fellow Khargal, Graj found a mate and perished trying to keep her and their child safe.. dedicating his life to protecting Graj’s offspring… he finds himself awake after many years with the possibility of his own mate close to hand…. but first he must protect her from the creepy rose syndicate and their evils plans.

I loved the intensity and emotion that developed quickly between Sten and Angie, it was insta love at its finest 🙌🏻💯 And this book captured my attention from the get go.

I really enjoyed this book, it was intriguing and action packed. Sten was a wonderful leading man both protective and nurturing. I liked Angie a lot.. she was very no nonsense and I found that wonderfully refreshing.

Most of all without spoilers… because #NoSpoilers! It threw me a curveball that I wasn’t expecting but found absolutely thrilling! And OMG! that ending was perfect… I love a good epilogue!! 😍😍😍

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