💫New Release💫 Hard as Roc: Khargals Of Duras by Stephanie West

Hard as Rock is a standalone novel part of the collaborative series the Khargals of Duras.

A thousand years ago, a Khargal scouting party left Duras, only to crash on a planet called Earth.

Injured and outnumbered, the stranded Khargals hid among stone effigies and observed the slow evolution of the planet’s primitive inhabitants. With no means of returning to Duras, they watched from their shadowy perches and faded into legend, becoming the mythical gargoyles.

Until today. Long after any hope for rescue had died, the distress signal has finally been answered.

It’s time to go home.

After the loss of her parents, Meline scrapes together the cash to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Armed with her great-grandfather’s journal, retracing her heritage should be exciting, yet she can’t shake the frightening feeling someone’s been watching her from the moment she arrived in the old city. Then Roc shows up just when she needs him, offering to help. He’s sexy-as-sin, wealthy, and well-connected, but there’s something he’s hiding.
Roc needs to locate his Khargal sire’s lost sigil before all hell breaks loose, and Meline holds a journal with the answers. After centuries of “liberating” art, he’s never thought twice about lying or stealing, but when the captivating woman appears at the site where his father’s buried, he hesitates. Something about her has gotten underneath his stoney exterior, and he doesn’t know what to do.
When a clandestine group hunting the sigil emerges, Roc and Meline must face them together before the sigil turns everything to ash. Yet the challenge may not be finding the sigil so much as breaking down the wall guarding Roc’s heart.


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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Roc isn’t your typical Thief, he’s a thief with a conscience and a Khargal to boot… born on earth to a human mother and a Khargal father, one of the many that was stranded on earth a thousand years ago… but after struggling to fit in with humans and the ever so dull and grumpy ‘pure bread’ Khargals, Roc is now a master at blending in and not being seen. Having oodles of money and being secretive has helped.

After discovering that the purebreds sigils ( aka space beacons ) have activated, Roc has no choice but to seek out his long sleeping father and tell him that he can return home to Duras. Roc just needs to find his father and the sigil first. He will start by tracking down the descendants of his fathers friend, who were entrusted with the sigil. Never one to shy away from a challenge… breaking and entering into Meline’s hotel room is easy… not breaking his or her heart is another matter.

Wowzer! I sure do love me a Stephanie West Book! Filled with action, kicking bad guy ass and the steamiest of love scenes… this book was blindingly good! and such a great an original read. 🙌🏻💯

I love how Roc’s cocky swagger masked his inner turmoil over his human/Khargal self and the abandonment he felt at his fathers absence from his life.

A true gem of a heart literally wrapped around a crusty hard as stone shell, that was slowly revealed later by layer to the feisty angelic Meline who captures his heart!

These two were literally smoking HAWT 🔥🔥 and their interactions were filled with ‘ALL THE FEELS’ funny and heartbreaking.

Altogether a fantastic instalment in this much anticipated shared World Series, that will keep sci fi romance readers stuck to their reading devices.

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2 thoughts on “💫New Release💫 Hard as Roc: Khargals Of Duras by Stephanie West

  1. I can’t wait to read this series!


    1. Hell yes this one was so freaking great!!!


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