😱 A Kiss of Madness by K.B.Everly & Stacy Jones


By K.B. Everly and Stacy Jones

Madness – A word defined as the state of insanity. Chaotic frenzy. Crazy.

It doesn’t matter how you define it. It only matters how you perceive it.

I’ve always known things I shouldn’t know. Seen things I shouldn’t see, things no one else sees. But one terrifying vision—and my reaction to it—lands me in Brocker’s Center for the Criminally Insane.

I’m convinced I can make it through my time here unscathed. After all, I’m not crazy. But after spending time with three guys—a schizophrenic with two personalities, a pathological liar who isn’t to be trusted, and a nymphomaniac with a penchant for knives—I’m beginning to doubt my sanity.

Can I separate the real from the mad, or will this place make me spiral further down into the dark recesses of my mind?

Am I crazy?

I’ll let you decide…

*This is a twisted romance that’ll leave you questioning if what you’re reading is true, or just a Kiss Of Madness*



Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Finding herself locked in a mental institution, Lydia Bloom thinks she will be able to get through the 2 month stay relatively smoothly…voluntary commital..that or jail time and there is no way her uptight parents will have their surname dragged through the mud.
Things change pretty quickly for Lydia and she soon finds herself reacting to the horrors that linger within the institution… as some one who is emphatic and has visions… she soon finds out that her smooth stay is not going to go as smooth….even with the aid of 3 patients who she just can’t stay away from.
Ok so I’ve read books by Stacy Jones before, her Chosen Series is reverse harem at it’s  finest… K.B.Everly, however is a new to me author.
I was intrigued by the blurb and dived in. To say this was a great story is an understatement. It’s dark and gritty and funny and hawt. I loved the concept of the love interest within the institution. It was a refreshing change and executed so well. I did see where it was going but that was ok… I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.
Not normally known for my enjoyment of romantic suspense or romantic thrillers…this book was gobbled up in one go. I loved the atmosphere and tone within the book. It was well executed and believeable. I loved lydia’s Character and her way of naming people was both very humanising and endearing…it also brought the much welcome laughs to balance the dark and suspense.
Altogether a pretty great read. If these two authors collaborate again in the future, I’m so down for reading.

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