🐮 By The Horns: The Tauran of Tavros #1 🐮 by Jeanette Lynn

Riadne’s village is starving. They think their prayers are answered when they stumble across the legendary beast. Now it’s trapped in the labyrinth, and the Elders are convinced the only thing standing between the village and salvation is a sacrifice—a virgin sacrifice.

When Riadne’s sister is selected for the honor, Riadne is determined to keep her from harm.

Thanks to Nan, a direct descendant of one of the labyrinth’s watchmen, Riadne knows more of the caverns and the supposed beast it currently holds than anyone, and yet nothing can prepare her for what awaits her inside.

A journey of mythical, magic sprinkled proportions, a feisty woman and a stubborn, taciturn beast.

This story contains strong sexual content, violence, cursing, a plucky heroine, and bull-headed Minotaurs. This is book one of The Tauran of Tavros.

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

My god if you read one Jeanette Lynn story, make damm sure it’s this one.. because it has everything!

A plucky courageous heroine descended filled with a destined purpose ✔️

A journey of hobbit worth proportions ✔️

A village full of idiots and a sacrificial sister ✔️

A smexcy bull headed beastie trapped in a labyrinth ✔️

A gaggle of mischievous Fae ✔️

A smexcy bull headed beastie warrior in a skirt ✔️

A broken heart that won’t quit on the ones she loves ✔️

An absolutely fantastic Tale of adventure that just gave and gave with humour, heartache and an ass kicking story 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

a smorgasboard of emotions that left me feeling like I had been on an emotional rollercoaster and questioning why I don’t have a Tauran in my life!

Alderic has been enrolled into the Bubbles The Book Pimp reverse harem alongside Oberon… 🐮🧝🏼‍♂️

As for K…( without going into too much detail ) I felt Riadne’s pain and heartbreak so hard that for the majority of this book I truly felt wounded. If he hadn’t been put through the ringer so much I would have defo spanked his arse ( verbally ) if I had been her postition.

I was so engrossed in the story and the world created so artistically in this book that I devoured it in one go… I literally finished it and thought.. MORE!!!

I will be watching ( IMPATIENTLY )with my eyes peeled for further releases in this series,

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