🦁 Into The Dead Fall: 🐸Into The Dead Fall #1 by Susan Trombley

Though she was raised by a survivalist, Alice was not prepared to be ripped from her dimension and dropped without ceremony into the massive junkyard of a parallel dimension.
She’s wounded, alone, and lost in a world her mind struggles to comprehend. When a strange, four-armed alien comes to her aid, saving her life, she has no choice but to accept his help.
She finally starts growing comfortable around her leonine companion, until another warrior intervenes to save her when creatures from the Dead Fall attack them during their exploration, making everything much more complicated.
Alice still doesn’t understand what either of the warriors is saying, and if she can’t find the right words to soothe her beastly new protectors, they’ll end up killing each other.

Into the Dead Fall was released as part of a two-book set with The Scorpion’s Mate


Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Bonus book found at the end of the scorpions mate.

After falling through a worm hole into a dystopian barren junk pile world, Alice thinks her day couldn’t get any worse, finding herself separated from her sister Evie, she heads off in the hope to be reunited with her. Unfortunately after being set upon by the numerous poor ( but terrifying folks ) that have also been sucked into the dead fall, she finds herself needing to be rescued by a warrior lion/man alien… and Following an ( another ) attack whilst out scavaging ( and a sudden snowstorm from the wormhole ) Alice finds herself rescued by a warrior lizard alien.

After all suffering injuries a very fragile begrudging treaty between the three is made. Alice finds herself at odds with her feelings because she had found herself falling for I ( lion man ) but is attracted to Tak ( lizard alien ). I felt for Alice, I really did.. her conflict and torn emotions.. between two people who were sworn enemies. OOOOHHH LOVE TRIANGLE! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Absolutely cracking book. So original and unique and just a fantastic read from start to finish.

I loved the non communication/communication in this book. I adore some misunderstanding via body language it makes for the BEST of reads. This was a total pleasure to read and I cannot wait for the next in series.

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