🐮Minotaurs Curse:🐮 Into The Dead Fall #3 by Susan Trombley

Lauren was haunted by nightmares of monsters as a child, but learned the hard way that the worst monsters look like everybody else. 

While visiting her mother and stepfather during the holidays, she’s sent to search for her two younger brothers, who have a tendency to wander onto the land of their nearest neighbor—land that has been abandoned for a reason. When she stumbles across something unexpected, it changes her life forever, drawing her into a world beyond the boundaries of the civilization that has always sheltered her. 

There, her courage will be tested, as the monsters she’s always feared when she was a child turn out to be real. When the Minotaur of myth helps her take down a manticore, she wonders if she isn’t still trapped in those childhood dreams. Except there’s nothing childish in her feelings for her bullheaded rescuer. 

Asterius has just one chance to prove himself a worthy mate and win the love of the new female that has fallen into the Dead Fall, so she can break the curse upon him. 

He knows it will be difficult to win her love, because she’s as beautiful and fierce as any goddess, and he fears she will never be able to see the man beneath the monster. 

He will risk everything to protect her from the dangers of the Dead Fall, which seems determined to destroy all life within it. 



Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Third book in this series and to date… my absolute favourite…and I freaking loved the other two books in this series 🦁 Into The Dead Fall: 🐸Into The Dead Fall #1 by Susan Trombley and 👽Key To The Dead Fall:👽 Into The Dead Fall #2 by Susan Trombley but this one hit me right in the ticker.

Again peeps.. you gotta read the first two books in this series before you even think about diving into this book… as well as two fantastic stories in their own right, they are filled with back story and the foundation of building the world of the deadfall and all it wonderful and wacky inhabitants.

A is THE MINOTAUR in the labyrinth… born a a human and sacred bull… thrown into the lab Ruth and used as a threat against his father enemies. Never shown an ounce of love or care or even his mother love. All he wants is his curse to be broken and to have someone love him….AKA a scary, literally bull headed stubborn powerhouse with a soft and oh so tender centre… the ultimate MUST for Bubbles The Book Pimp.. A MONSTER MARSHMELLOW MAN 💖💖💖

When we met him in the last book, I wanted to know more about him and I’m so glad we now have this book… it’s emotive and tender and ow so freaking full of story and wonderful chemistry between A and Lauren ( the kick ass GI JANE ) that wins his heart and looses her own willingly to him. They were a fantastic couple and their chemistry was artistically created, with common ground and heartache over their treatment by the people who should have loved them the most!

I want so many more books from this series it’s unreal!!!

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