🦑 The Kracken’s Mate: 🦑 Iriduan Test Subjects #2 by Susan Trombley

The sequel to The Scorpion’s Mate…

A desperate escape from a prison cell inside an alien research facility leaves Joanie in the clutches of an alien with a handsome face, a great body, and tentacles that could have come out of a horror movie. Her life back on Earth is a mess, but nowhere near as complicated as her new situation becomes when the alien test subject named Nemon decides that she’s his mate.

Nemon knows that Joanie is the mate he’s hoping for as soon as Thrax hands her to him, but he can also see that she’s frightened and traumatized. He must win a battle against his own body—which has a mind of its own—to maintain control, so he can win her trust and avoid frightening her further. His newfound friends warn him that Joanie will need time to accept him, and Nemon is willing to wait, but they all may have underestimated Joanie.

They have escaped their fate as Iriduan test subjects, but Nemon and Joanie can’t escape the legacy left behind by their captors. A legacy that brings them together—a legacy that also threatens to tear them apart.


Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Second in series 

We met Nemon and Joanie in book 1 🦂 The Scorpion’s Mate: 🦂 Iriduan Test Subjects #1 by Susan Trombley

Fleeing their captives and leaving with the Arkreillians to go to the syndicate space station to report the iridiuns for their crimes ( using captives as test subjects in experiments ) 

This book was a epic journey in many ways but mostly in the minds and hearts of the two main characters… Nemon in learning the world around him and Joanie in letting go of the past and focusing on her future. 

As I have come to find and love about this author, she does not hold back on the emotion, feels, chemistry or face paced kick ass action that her books contain. There were some truly brilliant interactions between Neman and T ( the scorpion dude in the first book ) 


I’m looking forward to reading the next instalment and more from this author. 

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