🦂 The Scorpion’s Mate: 🦂 Iriduan Test Subjects #1 by Susan Trombley

The Scorpion’s Mate 


Claire has never really fit in with everyone around her, but she’s carved out a life for herself using her own unique style and artistic ability to support herself on the Internet. The last thing she expects is to be abducted by aliens and dropped into a research facility, where a genetically-engineered alien soldier chooses her as his life-mate. 
Thrax’s pheromones are compelling, and his status as a fellow unwilling test subject makes them allies, but Claire isn’t certain she can trust someone who is convinced she belongs to him, when all she wants to do is find a way to return home to Earth—a place that her devoted alien can never follow, because there’s no way the scorpion-like alien would ever be able to pass for human. 
Still, she’ll accept help where she can find it, so she doesn’t hesitate to escape with Thrax from the facility, though their time running from their pursuers in the warrens beneath the research facility will forever change Claire, and could make it impossible for her to return to Earth. 
But will there be anywhere else in the galaxy they can go where their love will be accepted? 


Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

( this is a backdated review in that I thought I had shared a blog post and somehow didn’t!! 😱😱😱)

First read by this author. First in this series

Whilst on a camping/ufo hunting trip, Claire is ironically kidnapped by aliens.

Poked, prodded and abused, Claire it seems is doomed to the fate of the alien scientists.

Especially when she is put before Thrax a fellow kidnap victim…unlike Claire, Thrax was physically ‘modified’ and bio engineered to become a even more of a weapon, than his original form a hostile self reproducing emotionless giant scorpion. The scientists dartardly plan is to breed them and create super soldiers to protect and further their cruel race…

Neither Claire or Thrax have any choice, but when the opportunity appears to escape…Claire cannot resist the internal compulsion to Trust Thrax.

Great concept and I liked that Thrax was an actual alien! As opposed to…a humanoid like alien.

That his physiology was different before and after he was altered. His internal struggle with his before and after was intriguing and his lack of understanding emotions other than a want to feed was cleverly done.

My only grumble was that at times the book felt rushed, especially the ending. I could have done with a epilogue or a few more chapters.

This book also has 🦁 Into The Dead Fall: 🐸Into The Dead Fall #1 by Susan Trombley which is pretty epic and also a fantastic read!!! Highly recommended by Bubbles The Book Pimp

I will be looking for more from this author.

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