🐍 The Serpent’s Mate: 🐍Iriduan Test Subjects #3 by Susan Trombley

When Cass is abducted by aliens and sold to an alien pirate queen who collects female slaves to harvest their pheromones, her first experience with extraterrestrials quickly turns from surreal into a nightmare, which only grows more terrifying when an alien with a snake-like lower body and a surprisingly handsome face comes to her rescue. But Cass isn’t sure she’s actually safe with him, because he looks at her with hunger in his eyes. 

Nahash has always been a loyal, honorable Iriduan soldier. After distinguishing himself above his peers, the genetically-enhanced warrior volunteered for an experimental program to create a hybrid with powerful psionic abilities, using DNA taken from a giant serpent that decimated one of their outer colonies. Though his body changed into a form beyond the scientists’ expectations, his mind became a weapon that could alter the very course of Iriduan civilization, perhaps even saving it from its inevitable ruin. 



Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Third in this series.

If you haven’t read the first two books in this series, 🦂 The Scorpion’s Mate: 🦂 Iriduan Test Subjects #1 by Susan Trombley and 🦑 The Kracken’s Mate: 🦑 Iriduan Test Subjects #2 by Susan Trombley then we can’t be friends… 😮😱🤪🤣 joke joke… you won’t be able to enjoy this book to its fullest. There is so much freaking fantastic back story and plot laying that you MUST read them plus..let’s be real… a scorpion dude and a octopus dude finding romance with earth girls?!!! Who doesn’t want to read that! And this book takes it to a another level with the badassery that is Nahash the Serpent in this story. 🐍🐍🐍

The introduction of a slightly older ( much welcomed ) female main character was fantastically done.

Cass is a hardworking, focused woman, love is wanted but she is not going to put herself out there for some ‘run of the mill’ guy.. so when she is abducted and kidnapped and wakes up surrounded by colourful Iriduan women, to be used in a ‘scent bombing’ scam.. all she wants is to escape and be returned to her normal scheduled work filled days. Finding herself rescued by a giant snake man and suddenly his ‘mate’ was not part of the escape plan…. falling for him wasn’t either..

Nahash is a super soldier, a genetically modified Iriduan.. part of a bigger plot to control the world and dominate it. After his current mission goes majorly sideways, and he finds himself imprinting on a human.. the last thing he expected…his loyalty and goals are shaken to pieces and he finds himself against the people he was meant to serve. Realising he is now a not so willing slave to his human the race is on to escape…

Fantastic and mind bendingly twisty and turney, deep with plot and story and action and chemistry.. this book is a wonderful development of an already outstanding sci fi series and an absolute joy to read. In all honestly I’ve delayed reading this book… because I hate waiting for the next in series BUT with the author notes included in this book.. and some teasers given…only minor minor ones… I’m finding myself very much looking forward and anticipating the next book!

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