🧝🏻‍♀️ New Release 🧝🏻‍♀️ Benevolent Passion: Heaven’s Heart #2 by Amanda Pillar

Benevolent Passion: Heaven’s Heart #2 by Amanda Pillar

Peony has traded one Hell for another. 

As a qualified doctor who only ever dreamed of helping people, being kept as a slave and then sold as breeding stock for Mortus demons was never on the cards. 

Freed from imprisonment, Zadkiel is an angel on a mission: find Heaven’s stolen Heart and save the demon who helped him when he was a captive. But Z is suffering from a mystical illness no one can cure… Can he stay alive long enough to achieve his goals? 

Together, Peony and Z will need every ounce of their combined strength to survive the Mortus stronghold and find the key to Heaven’s Heart. 






Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Second book in this fantastic new series.

If you haven’t read book one in this series… STOP… go no further and read it!! Otherwise your missing out of on oodles back story, adventure and ass kicking!!

Deadly Passion Review by BTBP here

This book picks up 6 months prior to the events in book 1 and gives us Zadriel’s perspective of events that result in heaven’s heart been stolen..and Z being kidnapped, brutalised and sold into slavery by infernos demons to the demonic Halcyon Guild of thieves and assassins. Z’s thoughts are focused solely on return to heaven and reclaiming his warrior angel status it is all he has wanted until he meets his Doctor…

Peony is a cambion… half human half Mortus demon ( and also twin sister to Halcyon assassin and guild slave Dru) she is also a caring, gentle healer and as soon as she sees Z she cannot help but want to make him well again and help him out of infernus… the real where they are currently heals prisoner. Because she is a prisoner… she is working off a blood debt like her sister… which means when mortus demons come looking for Dru..they gladly accept Peony in her place…because TWINS!!

This book was so wonderful crafted, the amount of story and plot that fills its pages absolutely boggled my brain. I loved it… it was a different pace the the first book but that relegated and the difference between Peony’s character and Dru’s…leaving it still action packed and by no means lacking. Infact the intrigue and suspense have stepped up and notch and we the readers are seeing more and more of these amazing worlds where gods, demons and angels are in control.

I’m loving the development of the story and the twists and turns that are being slowly revealed with each book. To say I’m chomping at the bit for book 3 would be putting it mildly!! I want more angels and demons and all the spectrum of species inbetween and I want them now!!!

Author Bio:

Amanda Pillar is an USA Today Bestselling author and award-winning editor who lives in Australia.

Amanda has had numerous short stories published and has co-edited six fiction anthologies and solo-edited two: Bloodstones and Bloodlines. She is the author of the Graced Series, the Tangled Threads series, the Heaven’s Heart series, and co-author (with K.V Adair) of the Moonlit Hills series.

In her day job, she’s an archaeologist.

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