New Release Caveman Aliens Secret :Caveman Aliens #6 by Calista Skye

Caveman Aliens Secret: Caveman Aliens #6


I’ve abducted a caveman.
Usually they are the ones that abduct us Earth girls here on prehistoric planet Xren.And then they impregnate them.
But I was never the most conventional girl. So Impointing my crossbow right at this guy’s striking, alien face.

He’s seven feet tall, has huge muscles, vibrates with immense power and could snap my spine using two of his fingers. Andhe makes me tingle like crazy.
But I can’t follow my instincts now.
Because I think this man holds thesecret to how the other girls and I can go home to Earth.

It’s awoman!So round and soft and small and enticing.
She claims to be The Woman, the legendary, divine creature from the ancient myths. And there is fire in her dark eyes.
But there is also fear.
I could rip her ridiculous weapon out of her hands. But I want to be near her. Her whole being calls to me.My crotch swells at the mere sight of her.
I will go with her as she wishes. And when the time is right, I’ll take over control anddo with her as I please.
It will be a true joy.

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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Book six in this series, which need to be read in order to get maximum enjoyment and understanding of what’s going on.

Of the original six girls that crash landed on xren, Delyahs book was my most anticipated. The elected chief of the earth girls was someone I wanted to know more about and I knew that caveman she fell for would have to be someone special.

Braxtan was fantastic, funny and witty and secretive without even knowing! I adored their interactions and their verbal banter was both funny and engaging and really really enjoyable to read. I am blown away by the revelations in this book and was ecstatic that we finally got some answers to the mystery that is Bune.

Initially I thought that this was going to be the last in the series but with the arrival of the dragon girls and the revelations in this book Im so glad and happy to see it is going to continue.

This series has evolved and grown so much from when I first started it and I have to say it is one of my favourites. The author has taken the sci-fi romance trope of abduction and created something that is new, original and totally fresh. Im looking forward to seeing the direction this series will go.

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