🐶 New Release 🐶 Blind Fall by Amanda Milo

Standalone book, Sci Fi Romance

Blind Fall by Amanda Milo


I was gifted as a slave-bride to an alien giant. 
That’s the start of my day. At least I have my guide dog, Kota, with me. I’d be lost without her… literally. 
Yes. I’m blind. 
And our new alien owner is kind enough that he’s not holding me to the wife or slave deal even though that’s what I was intended for. We’ve basically been dropped into a scene from Little House on the Alien Prairie, complete with his one-room cabin, and he’s been the perfect gentleman. He’s pretty great, and I’m actually starting to wish I could take him home with me. 
He doesn’t know it yet, but the threat of him going into ‘rut’ is no longer a deterrent… 

Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K8SGTBV/

AmazonUK https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07K8SGTBV/

Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Another wonderful installement/almost stand-alone book in the ‘stolenverse’ by the wonderfully creative and original Amanda Milo.

After being gifted a slave bride by his friend after selling his livestock at market Breslin uses all his nurturing skills and ability to reassure the recently abducted and kidnapped Sanna and her guide dog Kato into to build a friendship, whilst her home world is found and she can be return home.

The only problem for Sanna is the longer she spends with Breslin the more she wants to stay.

This book was the ultimate in happy happy joy joy of feels, Lols and teen girl sighs.. Breslin and Sanna’s story was an absolute joy fest of emotions from start to finish. I adored their banter and interactions and the humour that filled this book was both natural and wonderfully organic in its delivery.

I really enjoyed the minimalistic feel to this book… minimalist in that the despite being a Sci fi… the focus was on the friendship and romance that was building between the two MC’ was paramount. That despite this…there was still BUCKETS of story included in this book.

All my book nerding boxes were checked and I’m a happy loved up Bubbles The Book Pimp for reading this brilliantly original book!

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