🏍 New Release 🏍 Lilly: Silent Sons MC book #4 by Ambere Sabo

I had plans for my life.
Graduate from UT Austin’s nursing program…
Work at Dells Children’s Hospital…
Get married and have a family…
Stay the hell away from club life…
Simple plans, right?
That’s what I thought anyway. Until my father had to go and ruin it all in one damn day. My only solace with all the crazy of club life, cartels, and psychos, is that I found Gunner…A man who could make the crazy that has become my life worth it. If only he didn’t see me as off limits. Can I make him see me as more than Havoc’s kid sister before the psycho comes to claim me? Or am I doomed to be an unwilling replacement for a woman I know nothing about?

Β Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lilly-Silent-Sons-Novel-Three-ebook/dp/B07JH5MPPC/

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Lilly-Silent-Sons-Novel-Three-ebook/dp/B07JH5MPPC/


Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp
Book 4 in the Silent Son’s MC Series.
Taking up where book 2 Havoc ends. Lilly and the rest of the girls kidnapped by the Cartel are moving on with their lives. For Lilly it’s finishing her nursing degree and looking to the future… anything away from the MC live.
But with the besotted adan aka the Enterrador convinced she is his… there is no way she can move on. The only person keeping her sane is Gunner, the Silent Sons road captain… as much as he calls her his β€˜baby girl’ he keeps her at arms length… she is off limits…with her dreams of nursing dashed and nonchance of a life with gunner…The looming threat is enough to send her running…
Long awaited and anticipated book. This book is not a standalone it’s an asskicking, nametaking adrenaline filled ride that takes no prisoners.
Lilly is another fantastic slice of this story that continues to develop and grow. Sucking us, the reader into a world of ASS KICKING MC’s, Their sassy and feisty ol’ladies and equal parts delude/deranged bad guys… the punches keep coming and the Silent Sons do what they do best… the roll with them!
There is so much good stuff going on in this book… and you know… I give #NOSpoilers! So I’m very limited to what I can say..but.. if you haven’t read Cessy ( book 1 ) or Havoc ( book 2 ) you will be missing out on a whole lot of MC GOODNESS! That needs to be read prior to reading Lilly.
Do it you won’t regret it 😈😈

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