👻 New Release 👻 The Mist Walker: Dark Tales #2 by Regine Abel

To be loved by a shadow in the Mist.

Every month, for three days, a mysterious fog filled with demonic creatures swallows the world. Since its first appearance a decade ago, I’ve diligently secured my home against the danger. Today, my sister’s negligence has allowed something in. A Mistwalker. A part of him now resides inside of me, his brand on my chest a constant reminder of his presence. He terrifies me and threatens to derail the life I’ve been building. And yet, a part of me is drawn to him…

I walked two worlds to be with her.

For years, I have lurked in the Mist, lying in wait for the opportunity to get to my fiery Jade. Now that humans have torn the Veil, nothing will keep me from crossing into the Mortal Plane to claim her. She’s my mate. I will not allow her to hide from the truth she knows deep within her but fears to acknowledge. I was made for her. I am her greatest Wish.

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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Fantastic new standalone in the dark tales series by this author.

In a world where 3 days of the month, demonic creatures and beasts made of mist walk the Earth. During this time, the whole world comes to a standstill.. everyone shuts their doors and windows and hides away from the creatures that pour through the rift… a tear between this world and another dimension.

Jade finds herself at the mercy of a mist walker, when a window is left open….the Mistwalker will have his jade, his mate…. Jade should be scared or terrified even… but she finds herself recognising the ethereal being…

A wholly original and captivating story. I adore this author…she blows my mind with her creativity, originality and world building. This was a totally different kind of story in that there wasn’t a Sci fi related theme to be found… no aliens… but my gawd what a fantastic tale which turned into a truly wonderful and heartbreaking story that quite honestly blew…my…mind 🤯🤯🤯

I cannot and won’t give any spoilers because it’s just too great a read. And #NOSPOILERS!!

But the connection between the main characters crackled with electricity and a true connection that …literally blew my mind and my heart away ( I didn’t know which way the story was going but there was no way in hell I was getting off the metaphorical bus)… filled with raw and honest emotions that made my book pimping heart oh so happy 🙌🏻🙌🏻🖤🖤





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