Muffin Top: The Hartigan #2 by Avery Flynn

Muffin Top, a hot romantic comedy from Avery Flynn


The only thing about me that’s a size zero is the filter on my mouth. I’ve got a big personality, a big rack, and a big number on the scale. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

But when some random guy suggests I might not be eating alone if I’d ordered a salad instead of a hamburger I’m shocked silent, which is a feat, trust me.

That brings us to one sexy fireman named Frankie Hartigan. He’s hot. He’s funny… And he’s just apologized for being late for our “date” then glared at the fat-shaming jerk. Next thing I know, he’s sitting down and ordering himself dinner.

I have no problem telling him I don’t need a pity date . . . unless of course it’s to my high school reunion next week. Oops where did that last bit come from? And what do I do now that he’s said yes?!

Because this is no make-over story, and I think Frankie is using me for something. I just have to figure out what…

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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Frankie is the oldest Hartigan sibling by 6 minutes…a protector at heart…a loyal person…a true hero and fireman who rushes in to save the day… is also a ladies man. After being forced to take up his holiday leave he finds himself at a loss how to spend his leave… until he swoops in and saves the day for his younger brothers finances best friend… Lucy.

Putting himself on a sex ban until he figures out what he wants in his life just became one of the worst decisions of his life because the lady is a sassy, full figure spitfire who literally lights his fire 🔥🔥

I loved the first book in this series, and a similar theme of self love and ‘screw the opinions of haters’ that runs through the first book also runs deep in this book.

Lucy is quick to joke, about her body, to get the digs in, before other can comment….it is her armour in which she lives in to protect herself from the day to day battle that is dealing with judgey asshats… I know this battle well and understand it and wear that armour… so it was nice to read a book that actually gave a bit more insight and understanding in the daily battles that occur when your plus sized. The writer has obvious insight and experience in dealing with judgey asshats…some of the scenarios in this book ring with honesty and at times made my heart hurt. Don’t get me wrong this is a fantastic funny and light hearted book that treads a firm line in aiming to adjust and correct opinions of aforementioned asshats. So kudos to you author for treading those paths and not straying to far on either side and becoming preachy or slapstick…but a wonderfully honest telling of a story that is filled with lifelike people and feels and funnies.

I knew I loved Frankie from the first book, when we met him I knew he would have a great book…he is a giant hearted man and I knew the lady to catch his heart would need to be larger than life personality wise.

Frankie and Lucy had some wonderful scenes and I truly loved their interactions and their chemistry…. the side characters and fellow Hartigan siblings have wetted my appetite and I cannot wait for more from this series.

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