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Sin & Chocolate by K.F. Breene


Some people are ordained for greatness…

Those people usually have a lot of drama in their life. Drama I happily do without. I live in a forgotten corner of nowhere for a reason: there is safety in anonymity. I have enough problems just trying to get by.

But when Kieran, a sinfully sexy demigod at the pinnacle of power, crashes into my life, suddenly my whole world is turned upside down.

He’s harboring a deadly secret, one that could destroy all he holds dear. He thinks I’m the key to his salvation, and he wants me to help him claim vengeance.

He also wants me with a passion that burns my body from the inside out.

To ignore him is impossible, but to give in to my desires, even for a night, would thrust me into danger I might not survive.

Remember what I said about drama? Now I’m in it up to my eyeballs, and I’m not sure if I should run…or fight.

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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

First in new series by this author.

Alexis is living under the radar. Taught by her mother to keep a low profile…for her safety and that of her inherited wards..Mordacai a insightful but seriously sickly shifter and Daisy a hard talking punk ass girl. As someone who can communicate with spirits she has the lowest of ‘ratings’ on the magic scale… and she is happy with that..it makes lying to the magic assessors so much easier..

But after an encounter with a Ferrari, a blanket and a sexy swarthy stalker she finds herself being forced out of her comfort nook. Kieron is the son of the san Francisco’s Demi god..and is a semi god himself, after meeting Alexis..he knows without a doubt she is the one who can help him… wether she wants to or not!

Wow this book… I freaking loved it! It sucked me in from the first page… anything to do with gods and mythology really gets my book worm motor revving hard!! And this book has a wonderful mix of both. That intrigued me and kept me guessing.

I loved how relatable and realistic Alexis was, her daily struggles with money and looking out for her wards, was easy to appreciate and gave the story an extra layer of ‘awww’ that wouldn’t have been their if the kids and Alexis’ financial situation wasn’t so dire.

I really enjoyed the interactions between the three of them…their family unit was so great and I loved the banter between sassy shit talking Daisy and straight laced studious Mordacai.

I loved and hated the slow burn build up between Kieron and Alexis…I mean come on… I wanted a bit more action!!! She’s 25… im..never mind… but we’re all adults here!! Despite a lack of physical interaction there was some serious sparks and chemistry burning between these two! 🔥🔥

I’m loved that Alexis was reluctant to learn and develop and even use her powers… which are totally kickass!!! Her spy network cracked me up!

I’m looking forward to seeing how alexis’ and Mordacai’s powers and abilities come to use and ultimately how all of the charachters develop and grow within the next book in this series.

About K.F. Breene

K.F. Breene is a USA Today Bestselling and Top 10 Kindle All-Star author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and fantasy novels. With two million books sold, when she’s not penning stories about magic and what goes bump in the night, she’s sipping wine and planning shenanigans. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children and out of work treadmill.

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