🦁 New Release 🦁 To Love a Monster by Marina Simcoe

To love a Monster by Marina Simcoe

Fairy tale/Fantasy Romance


Deep in the wilderness of northern Canada a monster lurks.

For years, he has fought an uphill battle for his humanity, only to lose it to the beast inside him at the end.

When he attacks me in the woods then reluctantly helps me fight for survival, my strange journey to discover the troubled man who hides underneath the dreadful appearance and the gruff attitude begins.

The more I get to know the man within the beast, the more reasons I find to appreciate the person I think he is.

Until I find out that the most terrifying thing about him is not his wild looks, not even his volatile temper, but his connection to the monster of my past.


Warning: To Love A Monster is a contemporary paranormal romance that contains graphic descriptions of intimacy, potential triggers, and strong language: Monster swears. Intended for mature readers.


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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

Finding intruders on his land is one thing, one of those intruders turning our to be a girl from his long forgotten past is another…unable to stop his beast like instinct and hurting her in the process fills Monster with a guilt and flood of emotions he thought he had long forgotten.

Unable to face the consequences of Sophie potentially dying on his land and the attention this will bring, he finds himself aiding her enough to get her to leave. But with her leaving he finds himself unable to stop the flood of human emotions he thought he was no longer capable of.

With a unexpected friendship developing he finds himself wanting more..but how could she possibly ever see past the outside to love a monster? πŸ–€πŸ–€

Flawed, Scarred and tortured and hiding from the world… not facing the day to day reality of life because of actions that have changed the very path you were walking…not caring about anything to do with yourself because the disappointment hurts to much…a girl…a boy/monster… their stories aren’t so different… in fact they are a similar tale of tragedy. …a love story so adored by so many that it has been retold many times…some stories need to be retold time and time again till they get it right… and this is my favourite, because it’s original, thought provoking and so much more.

This story is not a light and fluffy retelling of beauty and the beast… it is not a tale about singing furniture and enchanted flowers. It has adult themes and is dark and gritty in places…consider yourself trigger warned..( on a Bubbles scale I would say mild ) not gratuitous or dramatic for the sake of being dramatic…but emotive and deep and touching. A story about the ability to heal from hurts with the power of self belief and recognising your own worth.

I’ve said it before about this author, Marina Simcoe doesn’t just tell you a story…she paints you a picture in broad emotive brush strokes so real that you feel them and they are still wet.

You don’t just get one characters voice..but multiple voices..and it’s a true wordsmith that gives so much in a story.

P.s…I totally digged the nurses name! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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