Warriors Plight: Cadi Warriors #6 by Stephanie West

Warriors Plight: Book 6 in the Cadi Warrior series by Stephanie West.


Vintor crossed the universe to save the human race, except things didn’t go quite as planned. He awoke to find himself imprisoned in a human stronghold, fighting against the drugs they used to subdue him. That’s where he found her, his enemy and his only salvation.

Working for a secret branch of the government had taken its toll on Maya, but there was no way out, not if she wanted to hold back Armageddon and protect everyone she loved. The beast of a red man from an unknown race who showed up on her operating table only highlighted what she’d fought to repress – she couldn’t spend another day in this living hell.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41774720-warrior-s-plight

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Review by Bubbles The Book Pimp

To fully enjoy this book and this series I highly recommend starting with the first and reading in consecutive order.

There is a lot of story in this series, each book develops and add to the one before creating a super massive world that is vivid, dangerous and wonderful….. and this book catapults the series as far as I’m concerned catapults this series in to a whole realm of possibilities.

This is Vintors story… and it’s gonna be so freaking hard because there is so much going on… and it’s so freaking great… but #NoSpoilers!

Victor is set with a mission to warn earth of the evil plan of the juju bananas ( which is not their name but that’s how it translates in my head ) after being captured he finds himself at the mercy of the humans he is trying to give his warning message to. Drugged and vulnerable he wakes to find himself being cared for by a goddess aka doctor.

Maya has been manipulated, Her expertise with diseases made her the right person for the job to work on discovering the cure to a seemingly incurable disease that would have wiped out worlds not just earth without the aid of the Miran Sona… two years have passed and earths leaders just doesn’t trust them… after being bullied and black mailed, maya believes the evil Dr Emil when he says he will find other uses for her if she doesn’t do her job!

Torn and conflicted maya finds herself drawn to the big red demon captive… and then thefun begins!!!

An epic story filled with adventure, chemistry and kick ass charachters!! The heat factor between victor and Maya was schorching and I adored the interaction and banter between them.

And that ending… ERMAHGAWD!! Bring on Bone heads Story!!!!

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