Queen Takes Checkmate ( Their Vampire Queen #5 ) by Joely Sue Burkhart

As usual, with this series, we dive straight in after the events in book 4.

If you haven’t read the previous books in this series…STOP ⛔️⛔️⛔️…here be teeny tiny barely there spoilers…go and read the other books first! you wont regret it.

Shara Isador, last in The Isador line descendant to The Goddess Isis and Vampire Queen, with the aid of her ‘blood’ alpha Rik, Daire, G, xin, mehen, Navarre, Ezra with two new bloods X and I has literally kicked Ass and taken names.

More Specifically burnt to pieces…House Skye and its Queen is no More….Shara and her blood have little time to deal with almost loosing Rik😱😱😭😭…or the numerous grizzly finds in the basement….a Queen’s work is never done, left with the not so envious task of ‘sorting’ Keisha Skye’s Blood, Sibs and Servants…Shara finds herself constantly drained ( and Draining her blood 💉💉) and exhausted with the welcome addition of a rescued blood and another on their way, Shara’s focus is on one thing…Defeating Ra.

This series continues to develop and grow and become more filled with story and WOW me…as always #NOSPOILERS…but I will say there were some fantastic new additions to our happy Isador Family.

Not that the ‘old’ Isador family is lacking..because it isnt…Shara’s blood continue to grow in camaraderie and flourish individually with her love and I continue to swoon over my wonderful Marshmellow Rik💚💚💚 the banter between the bloods is truly great and I just freaking adore Mehen’s dry humour.

We continue to see Shara’s blood developing with the fantastic POV chapters and they were used so artistically in this book to create those wonderful emotive feels that this series is so filled with.

Remember Peeps…this is a vampire book…so Lots and lots and lots of blood and Boinking 🔥🔥 as per the unwritten Vampire Writing Rules…limited blood and limited boinking makes a dull vampire book…THIS IS NOT A DULL VAMPIRE BOOK!!

Holy Ass Kicking Oceans Of Blood Drinking/Boinking Super Charged Super Vampire Queen. Long Live Shara Fucking Isador!!!

so that is your trigger warning.🤣🤣🤣😈

I was devastated at the thought of this being the final instalment….there was a point when I literally stopped reading and had to give myself a mental head shake..because it couldn’t be the end!!…not yet…. but with the current spin off novella ( Her Jaguar Mates ) and others planned, I cannot wait to see how their stories continue to unfold..and literally bounced with joy on hearing that the series would continue for as long as it needed to…HUZZAH!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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