👽 Blog Tour 👽 Legion: Xian Warriors Book 1 by Regine Abel & Juno Wells

Book Title: Legion

Author: Regine Abel, Juno Wells

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Series: Xian Warriors Book 1

Release Date:August 7, 2018

Blog Tour:August 8August 14, 2018



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He gave her his soul, but she couldn’t hold it.

Ayana has devoted her life training to join the Vanguard, an elite intergalactic military force dedicated to fighting back the Kryptids who nearly destroyed Earth. Only the most powerful psychics are chosen. Yet while her power is unrivaled, she’s unable to perform the most crucial task of soulcatching, even when the Warrior she’s fantasized over for years freely offers her his soul.

Legion is mesmerized by the beauty of Ayana’s aura. The instant his mind touches hers, he recognizes his soulmate. Although she’s Hollow, unable to hold a Warrior’s soul, a strange spark within her could help turn the tide in this bloody war. When a traitor infiltrates their ranks, intent on destroying them from within, Legion is torn between his duty as leader of the Vanguard and the need to protect his mate.

Will he lose the woman who owns his soul before they could even start a life together?


Review By Bubbles The Book Pimp

When Earth came under threat from the Insectoid Kryptid invaders….. The Xian Warriors came to the rescue, together they formed a coalition..to fight back…the Xian force didn’t want our soldiers…they needed ESP enhanced humans who would provide aid  alongside them….as part of the  Xian Vanguard…. as technicians, operators and as Soulcatchers.

Ayana has been training for as long as she can remember to be able to join the vanguard, she has the skills but will never make it as a soul catcher, no one of Black or Asian ethnicity has ever been a soul catcher…

Called to Ayana’s brilliant aura, Legion..the unofficial/official leader of the Xian Vanguard finds himself drawn to her like a moth to the brightest of flames. he recognises her as more than just another recruit, she is his soulmate.

So there was me…excited at the prospect of this collaboration between two brilliant sci fi authors…I didn’t know what to expect, I purposely read no blurb…

I was prepared to like the story because for me..no one writes sci-fi romance better than Regine Abel…so no pressure….

I was literally gripped from the first Page, The history and back story that was revealed was compelling, the story mind-bendingly original and action packed…I wanted to know more about the genetics and creator of the vanguards, their Shells and the anomaly..but enough about that because I’m straying into #spoilerville…

Ayana and Legion had fantastic chemistry. Their interaction and exchanges both funny and touching and filled with heat. Both characters are a wonderful blend of sassiness, longing, confidence and emotion.

I’m hoping there will be a number of books in this series because there are a number of side characters whose ( tormented ) histories/stories I want to know…..HINT HINT AUTHOR PEEPS.


Kindle Fire 7 + Kindle copy of Legion

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Regine Abel is a fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi junky. Anything with a bit of magic, a touch of the unusual and definitely a lot of romance, will have her jumping for joy. Hot alien warriors meeting no-nonsense, kick-ass heroine give her warm fuzzies. Through her Veredian Chronicles series, Regine will take you to an exciting alien world full of mystery, action, passion and new beginnings. In her Dark Tales series, Regine will make you rediscover the fairy tales of your youth in a sexy, dark, and twisted reimagining of the classics.

When not writing or reading, Regine surrenders to the other passion in her life: video games! As a professional Game Designer and Creative Director, her career has led her from her home in Canada to the US and various countries in Europe and Asia.

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