Lillith’s Fall: Shadows in Sanctuary Book 1 by Susan Trombley

First in series of this dystopian/scifi/fantasy series

Set in a world where ‘lords’, sins and restrictions control everyone and everything. Lilith is an engineer recently dumped by her boyfriend…her best friend pretty rich girl Stacia treats her to a spar… when the mud hits the fan and they are arrested by peacekeepers for treason!

Separated and interrogated it turns out that Stacia is part of a rebel alliance called the commemoro, who ongoing attacks on the lords and the mindless humans who follow them, have backfired on to Lilith..she is thrown into a cell to await her fate for writing a program that can block com-Link vids from being intercepted and overheard.
Turns out she isn’t the only one in the cell… it’s other occupant is a devil…made of shadows.

Wow just wow… this book was so freaking great! The originality and story was engrossing and captured me straight away. I loved the concept and the Umbero ( devils ) v’s the Adurians ( Lords ) was a brilliantly constructed fight of good v’s evil!!! It was filled with fast paced action and I loved that it dragged me along for the ride and I have to say I was such a willing passenger!

There were so many moments in this book that left me gasping with shock, it was quite bloodthirsty so if that isn’t your thing then consider this your #TriggerWarning… my inner splatter horror lover was crowing for more blood… more death… and more destruction…and by god it was happily sated by the end of this book.

Lilith was a good heroine in that, given her situation, she did what she could… she really came into her strength in the second half and I was literally cheering the girl on.
R ( I suck at names ) was a brilliant hero..I found his dry sense of humour and simplistic way of looking at things really funny. Their relationship was a wonderful read and I their chemistry was brilliantly written.

If you love a book filled with romance but also a great big dollop of action and adventure then this is the book for you!!! So many genres rolled in to one great big satisfying read and I for one will defiantly be continuing on with this series.
It ticks so many of my bookloving great read boxes I could do anything but give it to massive thumbs up 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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