I’m Not A Dragon’s Mate! ( Avaleigh’s Boys #1 ) by Sandra R. Neeley

First in series

At the hands of psychotic and abusive snake/dragon hybrid called Lurin, Avaleigh somehow wakes to find herself absused, beaten and held captive. She is informed she is his mate and that she is expected to love and mother their children.

Horrified by her situation…. but not broken mentally, she plans her escape. But she is not the only prisoner held by Lurin…. Kinkaid is a bear shifter, and alpha to his clan of mixed shifters, after stopping on a journey home for a beer and food he finds himself caged, dying of starvation and depression.
Until he sees Lurin bring home a human female as his new plaything… Kaid is disgusted and wants nothing more than to help the female.

When opportunity arises they take it and escape, with Kaid biting Ave in a bid to protect her…all dna from Lurin will be wiped from her body and he won’t be able to track her down… staying with Kaid and his clan members feels safe and like home, if he would just stop with trying to make her accept his claim…that they should be mates! Ave doesn’t feel romantic love for Kaid or the other clan members… who are more like brothers to her… .. especially when they keep telling he she is a ‘dragons mate’!

Petrified at the thought of having anything to do with a dragon Ave is adamant she would have nothing to do with one… until a chance encounter on her first night out in months leads her straight into the path of one….despite her fear and past trauma… Ave is convinces she is Is NOT A DRAGONS MATE… right??

Triggers beware this book starts with some quite brutal and potentially upsetting scenarios..
Please don’t read if easily upset as some parts in the early stages of this book are very graphic and descriptive.

KUDOS to the author from not shying away from the hard topics but still being able to pull back from the darkness and write an original and engrossing book that I was sucked into from the start. It was a wonderful story about inner strength and bravery. To over come and continue with the most tender wounds. Poor Ave was put through the emotional and physical wringer and my heart ached for her during her experiences… yes… I’m aware she is a fictional charachter but the scenarios were/are very real life. Despite her pain she was strong, brave and focused in moving forward with her life.

The relationships between Ave and her ‘boys’ was lovely especially between her and Bam. His simplistic way of looking at things combined with her special ‘treatment’ of him, enabled and helped her to heal small wounds and build herself back together piece by piece. They were all supportive and ‘overbearing big brothers’.

Initially I was gutted when I realised who Ave’s love interest was… but #NoSpoilers I’m really happy with how it turned out and looking forward to reading the next instalments of this series and seeing who the boys matches are.

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