Steel: Dark Monster Fantasy #2 by Cari Silverwood

Steel: Dark Monster Fantasy #2

What’s a girl to do when stuck on a war ridden planet, when all hope of escape and/or rescue appears to have gone? Have one last blowout and carry out her deepest hidden secret…
Data extraction operative aka ‘princess of Cess’, doesn’t expect to live past her current job, the fanatics are close to taking over and having completed the job set, collecting vital data for her employers from their building decides before she dies…it’s time to live a little. her companion and bodyguard Hoss is half Orc and half Shag ( 😂😂😂) she has seen the way he looks at her and that’s good because secretly… she’s been look at him! One specific part of him…so in the wake of their impending deaths they give in to their lusty feelings…it’s not as if anyone will find out…

Left for dead and rebuilt and saved by the cyber monks of Oomm.. Baz a space junker Captain is like the tin man… except it’s not a brain he is after… he wants a PEEN! 🍆 and not just any Peen but a SUPER CYBER PEEN with all the new fandangled bells and whistles!

The only way he has of getting one? By way of a vague mission from aforementioned cyber monks and his task… to rescue a princess

Que the awkward rescue and interruption into Ember and Hoss’ post orgazmic bliss…

Following the rescue Ember is torn…by the restrictions of her job, in keeping the data safe, by not acknowledging what happened between her and Hoss, by her concerns and curiosity about Baz and lastly by meeting the cyber monks and visiting their data library. If anyone knows what happened to her deceased parents… they are the ones who will have the knowledge.

All knowing future predicting robotic monks are the key to unlocking the Ember’s past and answering so many of her questions… unfortunately for Ember the fanatics attack the planet and she is taken captive…fortunately Hoss won’t be giving up his female anytime soon and Baz with his new upgrade decides he wants to test out his new addition once they have rescued Ember.


After reading the first in this series nothing was going to stop me diving in to this book.

This book can be read as a stand-alone but book one is fantastic and a review is Here

The book is a wonderful mix of tongue in cheek humour, action, monster ménage makeout sessions and a wonderful story about accepting and being true to yourself.
Ember was so concerned about how her love life and desires would impact on her job, she found herself not living, no amount of money from her job was making her happy and she didn’t realise that until she allowed herself to recognise what she was feeling for Hoss…. With the aid of Hoss and Baz she truely opened herself up to the idea that she was worthy of more than the life she was living and allowed to have love ( in whatever shape it took ) in her life.

I loved that Baz was so conflicted with his feelings for Ember, his confusion and conflict regarding his emotions for her brilliantly echoed Embers feelings towards Hoss. I loved that out the three of them Hoss was the only one who knew from day one what he wanted. Their triad was fantastic and I loved the interactions between them.. especially between Hoss and Baz, they knew Ember’s indecision and knew her wants but had to wait for her to recognise them.

If human/orc/shag/cyborg porn is not your thing… then consider yourself warned… personally I’m with the cybermonks…where do I subscribe? 😂😂😂😂

I’m loving those series, it’s a fantastic mix of fantasy and sci fi at its best.. where anything and everything goes And the possibilities are endless 💚💚💚

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