Tribe: Chosen Series #2 by Stacy Jones

Book 2 in this sci-fi reverse harem series

If you haven’t read book 1.. you freaking need to because

1) it’s so bloody great
2) it’s gives the story of how ellie ends up with the 3 guys
3) have I mentioned it’s great??

Bubbles The Book Pimp’s review to book 1 can be found here

So… picking up not long after book 1 ends..

Ellie and her 3 husbands A💚 F❤️ And T, who are furry, 4 armed ( hey I love forearms and they each have forearms!! BONUS!! 😂😂😂) and be-tailed are living in the mountain cave after escaping the annual flood.

After the floods disperse they plan to travel back to meet up with their matriarchal tribe for safety.

When it turns out that ellie is a healer, F and A are more concerned, than ever that their soft and small pascha will need more than just 3 mates to protect her and keep her safe. Not just from the number of predators on the planet but from other tribe members.
They hope that there will be worthy males that come forward and ‘present’ their interest in becoming additional mates. More specifically they hope that A’s twin brother and the other boys lifelong friend, the reclusive scarred up loner D will join their family unit…if they can find him….and that ellie can see past his outward exterior and accept him also.

Again no more regarding the story because #NoSpoilers and it’s too great not to read yourself.

This is a wonderfully constructed book that is filled with beautiful descriptive imagery that literally fills your mind with pictures. I adore how vivid the planet is and I adore even more how original and creative the story in it is.

I’m really enjoying our boys individual development with their growing confidence, with ellie, and as a family unit as a whole.

I adored the segments from the boys and it was great seeing their thoughts and personalities.

Now I have my favourite of the boys…. it’s allowed! I can totally have a favourite 😂😂….this book is a fantastic reverse harem that doesn’t play favourites or reduces one boys ‘on screen’ time or affection over another’s and it’s so well done that the equality in the family unit is clearly shown and beautifully done. They each bring something to the units dynamic.

A💚 as always is the marshmellow! The wonderfully big, gruff but gentle souled giant and my total favourite of the boys!
F❤️ Is the planner, the serious and soul hurt semi bad boy of the bunch and a very very close second favourite of mine!
T💙 is they joker, the wonderful mood defuser and his obsession with Ellie’s potentially fatal dancing furry catepilars literally cracked me up!! 🐛🐛

D🖤… Im simply loving what I’ve read about him so far, he’s a daredevil and a shy guy rolled into one…filled with self doubt.

I’m am so looking forward to the next instalment. There is rumbling of difficulties and trials for our unit on the horizon with the unknown threat that has attacked the boys original tribe and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds as well as how ellie copes with her new ‘mother in law’.

I’m hoping that it’s not too far away because this series and author is continuing to become a solid favourite of mine!! And I’m not sure I can wait patiently! 😂😂😂

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