Norse Fire: A Guardian Series Prequel Novella by S.Lawrence

Norse Fire: The Guardian Series Book 3 

To enjoy this book and the series to the fullest you need to read the first two books. 

This series has a rich interwoven tapestry of characters, past events and scenarios, whilst talking about other characters.

This is the 3rd instalment in this series. If you have Not read the first two books Celtic Fire and Greek Fire: The Guardians Series Book 2 ( and the prequel Novella First Fire ) then STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING…. and go no further…🚷🚷🚷

Norse Fire is focused around Norse mythology, for anyone who is a lover of mythology then This SERIES is the one to read…the names of the books indicate the mythological focus. The amount of research and back story that has gone in to these books, never mind the amount of originality and creativity…is mind bendingly awesome and I will admit I did nerd out on numerous occasions multiple times!!! 😁😁😁

As with the other books, this book didn’t hold back on the action..its has a fantastic fast pace that grips the reader hard. I found it exceptionally hard not to be swept away and devour it all in one go, but I knew the good stuff was coming…and by good stuff I’m mean the heart breaking soul destroying turmoil…all the feels!!!!!

As with all S.Lawrence Books prepare yourself for some triggers…..AND THIS IS YOUR TRIGGER WARNING….these books are not light and fluffy, they are emotive and gritty. 
Stories about perseverance of will and inner strength in the most dire of circumstances and situations. Oh yes there are happy endings but the characters have to work hard for them!!! 

Ive had my ‘eye’ on Michael and Sean, Since we were first introduced to them and knew something ( or someone special ) was destined for them. 😍

Michael and Sean, were not left off the hook, they are two sides of the same coin… both hiding their pain in plain sight with their gruff, rough, ‘we be the protectors’ tough exteriors, making them wonderfully tortured and self-sacrificing characters that was slowly being revealed to us in the past books. 

I loved that even right till the end Sean fought the love he is so deserving of…. still didn’t believe himself worthy.😭😭😭😭

And THATS what I adore about S.Lawrence’s Writing. 

She doesn’t sugar coat, because life isn’t like that. The trials and tortures we face as individuals shape and mould us as much as we fight against it.. to be true to ourselves and wear that protective brace face…..those boys are truly written ‘real, their self doubt their despair…I felt their pain and only someone truly truly gifted could have given and expressed that amount of emotion and the respect and reverence it deserved. 

I cant and wont talk anymore about the story because #NOSPOILERS, no matter how much i try to be creative and sneaky, too much will be given away and I’m too preoccupied lamenting the fact I’ve gotta wait for the next instalment.


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