Prey: Dark Monster Fantasy #1 by Cari Silverwood


I saw a picture, a teaser for this book…shared by its author…filled with tongue in cheek humour and KNEW I had to read it…

Mila is a mercenary, a tomb raider, a warrior, a space traveller… and a sister travelling to rescue her sister from the fate of being a sacrifice to the momsterous stoneshifter Lord Zarblu.

She expects a fight, a challenge and to cheat if necessary… after viewing videos of the elusive stoneshifters with their sacarfices, there is no other is family.

Zarblu has picked his beautiful and much needed sacrifice.. every 10 years he must bed a ‘fleshborn’ Or suffer the fate of turning to stone… unlike others of his kind, he has wants, needs and questions.. the only thing holding himself back is himself… those desires are not the stoneshifter way…to wait and decide and stay safe… the same norms year after year… his ‘flesh bound’ sacrifice is appealing but he wants MORE…he may be a monster but he has very human emotions and after viewing Mila in a compromising position…arrangements are made and a trap is set to capture an her as an alternative sacrifice… what neither of them expect is her to be a willing sacrifice!


If graphic, somewhat disturbing and graphic, stone monster porn erotica is not your thing… then DO NOT READ THIS BOOK or review!

If however… you like to walk on the somewhat dark side, then welcome my friend… because… owWWW my lord… STONE PEEN!! 😂😂😂😂

I loved this book, if you are willing to look past the comic and graphic boink scenes…you will find a gem of a book and much more than just Monster erotica.

Filled will emotions and desire… desire for more than just the’norm’ or what is expected… desire to change and evolve and become more… Zarblu’s desires.. to see more than just the planet he lives on, overlord but prisoner bound by chains he has made himself in obligation and tradition…he’s conniving and creative with his traps BUT is still a very likeable Charachter.

There are also some truely brilliantly constructed comedy in this book… Mila is the queen of banter and I truly laughed my way through the majority of this book… she is feisty, sassy and witty… a fantastically written heroine.

It’s also a book about sacrifice, of self to aid others. Without giving away any spoilers…read it you will understand the sarafice on Milas part by taking her sisters place and zarblu’s…. with the wonderful ending…

I will be reading more books by this author and keeping an eye peeled for the next book, which I’m hoping features Led, Zarblu’s cyborg assistant.

I’ve included the authors teaser image below… because I just couldn’t resist 😂😂😂

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Amazon US




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