Succubus Bargain: The (Un)Lucky Succubus #1 by L.L Frost

First in series and first read by this author.

Adie is a succubus, albeit not a very good one… she’s a small fish in a big pond when it comes to her powers and she’s squeamish about draining humans, so she skins energy to feed her nature.

She could feed off of other demons but there is alway the pain of trading and bartering..but she is working on a plan to make her life much easier..she has a meeting with a bank to fund a cupcake boutique. ( her plan is to feed of the ‘happy energy’ her cakes will bring to her customers )

She just has to feed off a ‘rented meal’ have enough strength to make it to the meeting.  Except the meal that arrives is not why she was expecting.. to be fair he is a lot more powerful ( and a whole lot of sexy ) After fleeing the encounter and realising that her meal is actually one of the owners of the bank and a very powerful demon ( Tobias ) and meeting his partner Emil.. she is pretty much told that her plan to skim feed off her customers is a bound to be a failure. But they are willing to fund her venture in… but they want her to feed off them in lieu of loan repayments. Which Adie will not do… 

Taking their rejection in her stride and needing to feed she heads to a club where she meets another demon!

Kellen, again she ends up tangling ( 😘😘) with him after he demands she returns all the skimmed energy she has taken from his club goers..which is his right as it’s his club!!

Managing to escape she thinks all is well until… she is evicted from her apartment, made homeless, drained of energy by her mentor, brought up on charges by Kellen and has no other options but to try and renegotiate with all three demons who happen to live together and want her to move in!!

I happily stumbled across this book whilst foraging for a new read.
I am happy to report that this book was a breath of fresh air and an absolute joy to read and I cannot wait to dive into the next in series.

The story is a uniquely great concept and I like how it’s going, the push and pull between Adie and the trio is developing nicely without the slow slow death of the dreaded slow burn that some serial RH’s have….plus there are a lot of books in the series for me to binge read… YAYA BINGE READ POINTS!!

Adie is a funny character, determined to fight and understand her nature and I’m enjoying the group interactions she has as well as the one one one that are developing and establishing a great level of personality from the trio ( extra bonus points  in it being a manageable trio! 😂😂😂 because….let’s face it when the RH is too big to remember names or give equal ‘screen time’ it gets a tad tiresome )

I’m torn between which one of the demon trio is my fave… but this is a reverse harem book so of course so far all three!! Only time will tell 😈😈

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