The Security Guy: Office Aliens #3 by V.C Lancaster

3rd in series

Anna works in PR, she has moved from London to the USA to work alongside and aid DETI ( The Department of Extraterrestrial  Immigration  ) in their ongoing fight to help and aid the Teissian Refugee Community, who after fleeing invaders from their home world and settling on earth, have been struggling following an ongoing hate and fear campaign by a local politician.

Its Anna’s job to spin the focus away from doubt and negativity and into something positive and get the focus back on helping the refugees rather than fighting them.

Unfortunately, after waking up in a bed that is not her own, unable to remember much of the night before except going to the DETI Christmas party with Khy, a Volon, an alien and the security guy… it appears that Anna has bitten of much more than she can chew.

What started as a one night stand quickly turns into a nightmare of epic proportions for Anna until she slowly realised that Khy isn’t as bad and there is so much more to him that just his alien- ness and his differences… if she wants to really help DETI..she needs to practice what she preaches and fast!!

I loved this book so hard!! The charachters are brilliantly constructed even down to their flaws and self doubts. I adored the interaction between Anna and Khy… Their chemistry was fantastic and oh so believable. 🔥🔥🔥

What follows is a fantastic story of two very opposite people, overcoming ones own pride and realising that as much as traditions are great to remember and respect… they aren’t always do able in a new world with out some adaptation. The old needs to meet the new and embrace.

I adore this series and watched it grow and develop from book one. It is so unique and well written, each book is fantastic in its own right and Filled with so many themes that parallel ‘the real world’.

These books are so much more than just sci romance! They are about acceptance and respect and coming together to appreciate and respect everyone’s individuality and differences.

A true page turner and I couldnt put it down! ( not that I tried to 😂😂😂) 

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Amazon US


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