UnScripted by Jax Hart

First read by this author but second in series

Devon has always known that she was adopted but after receiving a letter from her birth mom, it becomes her mission to find out more about the woman who gave her up.

Leaving her life, family and friends in Chicago behind she heads to Springdale, a place that feels like home.

A biker town, home of the Creed MC, fuelled and filled by burly tatted bikers and the grumbly, grumpiest one of all Roger.
The Creed MC bikers knew her biological  parents, they know the past and are her way to unlocking its secrets.

Devon jumps at the chance to get closer to Roger, when a waitressing job in his bar comes up… what she doesn’t count on is how much she is drawn to him or him in return.
Secrets will out and someone will get hurt…

Awww man this book was so great! I loved the amount of story that was packed into this book!

And yes I broke my cardinal rule!!

I didn’t read in order…I know I should have read Duke, book 1 in the series first…. but I literally saw the cover ( HAVE YOU SEEN THE COVER?? 😍😍😍) and read the blurb and HAD to dive right in… and it didn’t disappoint. And hell yes I will be reading DUKE ASAP!!

Some readers like billionaires, some like princes… my bookpimping heart loves a gruff grumpy beast of a man with a marsh mellow centre..( marsh mellows are my kryptonite!! ) and hawt dayum! Rog is that in spades🔥💚…checked all the boxes and a few more for the hell of it!

The tension and chemistry between Devon and Rog was beautifully executed. I loved their tender moments. They were so well written and made my inner soppy girl very happy.

Filled with fantastically written charachters and a fast paced story this book was a total pleasure to read.

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