Chasing Fire: Fire and Fury book 1 by Avery Kingston

Debut book by this author.

From the moment We are introduced to Scott I think i ‘bagsied’ that man a spot in my ‘book boyfriend Reverse Harem’.

Focused on his path… his goals and future is set before him… a navy seal.. until whilst on tour his plans are shattered… rocked to his core his dreams smashed and broken to pieces… he has nothing except his friend and some time ‘adult fun time friend ‘ Tori.

Tori is wild, free spirited and artistic…a pint sized hell on wheels..who will never settle down….she understands that what she has with Scott is fleeting and under no circumstances will she risk her heart to any man..let alone one who has one of the most dangerous occupations.

After a chance meeting in a dive bar leads to the longest standing game of kiss chase… through time and places.. they continuously return to each other. Grabbing what little time they are allowed..whenever and wherever they can…with their off the charts chemistry hiding how much they actually care for each other…neither one brave enough to reveal the depth of their feelings that they have kept secret from each other for such a long time. 

Be warned this book has smoking HAWT boinkage! Between consenting adults ( if you don’t appreciate the fire don’t go anywhere near that fire ) 🔥🔥🔥

I’m not going to give anymore of the story away because as always I’m a great believer in #NoSpoilers and the fact that this book is way way way to layered and beautiful for me to chop down in to a few sentences… that will never convey just how beautiful and emotive this book actually is.

There are books that have emotional themes, there are books that have emotional moments and then there are books that puncture a hole in your soul and slowly pour emotion from every paragraph, sentence and word.

THIS BOOK is one of those books… the kind of book that leaves you gasping for breathe because you have felt, loved, loved and breathed every page of that book from start to finish and you’ve…literally.. felt..all.. those… emotions!!

Every single one! 😭❤️🔥🙌🏻

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