Dino: Glass City Hearts book 2 by Desiree Lafawn

Second instalment in the Glass City Hearts series.

Returning to visit some familiar faces.

Gabe and Angel averted their crisis with Chaz Malone, aided by the secretive Dino and trusty PA Jeanette.

Dino continues to ‘work’ for Malone, the ex fbi undercover agent is doing what he does best, pretending… to be someone he isn’t, to be a thug for hire… to not let it show how much he cares for jeanette.
Jeanette has her own secrets, a traumatic past and a face that sends pure terror through her system when she allows herself to look back. Changes were made and a will was strengthened but when Dino and Jeanette’s seperate paths become one… it will be time for the secrets to end.

Dino was such a fantastic and mysterious charachter in the first book, I’m so glad we got to see and understand his situation. To crack his surface and see benethe the different masks he had developed both as protection and for his job, his sense of humour and charm was fantastically written.

There was a scene in this book that was so raw and emotion filled that I actually felt sucker punched in the solar plexus by the emotion it raised in me. It was raw, powerful and gave good UGLY CRY vibes..I could literally see it in my minds eye as I was reading… I’m not going to go into details because #NoSpoilers! That scene will stay with me for a long time.
Desiree lafawn is gifted with writing original and creative books, whilst becoming an author to watch because HAWT damm those emotions are not so effortlessly or creatively conveyed by many authors!

My only grumble… I would have love love loved and epilogue!! Because I just didn’t want it to end!

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