Queen Takes Rook: Their Vampire Queen #4 by Joely Sue Burkhart

Book four in this Vampire/Reverse Harem series

Once more, we dive straight in after the events in book 3.

Shara Isador, last in The Isador line descendant to The Goddess Isis and Vampire Queen, with the aid of her ‘blood’ alpha Rik, Daire, G, xin, mehen, Navarre, Ezra with two new bloods X and I ( I can barely say their names never mind spell them ) with her new ‘Sib’ Queen Matye are left recovering after cementing their joining and a further attack from the sun god Ra.

The enemies are drawing their lines in the sand and Shara is forced to make and take somepianful gifts from the divine… with no other options Shara will suffer heartbreak no matter what she chooses, even if she decides to not use her developing powers and gifts… so Shara being the kick ass Queen she is decides to strike whilst she is in the position of power… her enemies have underestimated her and her devoted bloods… ‘a lover of monsters’ they have no clue but they will all learn… even if Shara has to beat it into them.

I freaking love this series! Each book is filled with story and plot and emotion, they are an absolute joy and pleasure to read… I mentioned in earlier reviews that this series has refreshed my love for the vampire genre and this book continues to do so!

With its fantastic cast and intricately woven story, yes… this book is bloody…and descriptive…. but show me a vampire book that isn’t and it will be deemed lacking by this Book Pimp!!….

Not this book tho!! This book is filled with chemistry and heat and ADULT THEMES!

Yes Shara’s blood is growing in numbers and despite Rik 💚 being the focus love interest… no one is left out or isolated. We continue to have fantastic insightful POV from our fave charachters which I absolutely adore, they bring new dimension and perspective from each charachter which I cannot fault!

I stretched out reading this book.. which was so painfully hard for me, I’m a fast reader, but I took my time reading this book… because in all honestly I really didn’t want it to end…

A series I would seriously recommend to any VAMPIRE/PNR/RH LOVER 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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