Galvanizing Sol (Valos of Sonhadra Novella) By Amanda Milo & Poppy Rhys

Valos of Sonhadra was and is a series of books from a group of wonderful sci fi/ fantasy authors.

Two of those authors are Amanda Milo and Poppy Rhys..both are supremely gifted writers in their own right.

Their Valos books focused on a pair of sisters:

Alluvial: Valos of Sonhadra #1 is Preta Sols story by Amanda Milo Bubbles review of Alluvial

Tempest: Valos of Sonhadra #2 is Charlie Sols story by Poppy Rhys Bubbles review of Tempest

To enjoy this book to the fullest, you do need to read the girls individual books, otherwise you wont have a clue what is going on …but that wont be a hardship because these books are individually fantastic!!

So….Charlie and Preta Sol, the girls and their tree/dragons ( plus DROGON!! Which must ALWAYS ALWAYS be shouted ) and fish/electricity dudes had their own stories… but by the time us crazed sci fi fans had read them… the cry on EVERYONES lips was….. BUT BUT what about Daddy sol?????

Well… we lovingly pestered our authors until we got what we wanted… a wrapping up of loose ends… one giant happy ever after for the girls and their guys and yes… A STORY FOR DADDY SOL 😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️

And what a story! 

Gerard Dan Sol. He’s a big gruff sweary marsh mellow of an ass, kicking Major general man… and NOTHING is gonna stop him from finding his girls!

Not a crash landing, not a deranged warden, not even an inhospitable planet with inhabitants that want to eat him at every turn… unless of course it’s a woman…not just any woman… a woman with a heart made of iron… Nori

and thats all I’m going to say..because this is a spoiler free review…and its too good a series to spoil.

Fantastic from start to finish. I adored this book and continuance if the series. I’m so glad that the authors banded together to write this book and let us see what happened after ❤️❤️

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