An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight

Third book in the ‘heart’ series

Releases May 8th

We met Kelly and Jackson in the first book in this series. Their chemistry was uncharted…but at that point in their lives, with their futures and dreams set before them…after a night spent together.. it wasn’t meant to be… yet

Fast forward 10 years and two lifetimes… Kelly’s dreams and plans have come to a grinding halt. Devastated at the loss of her dream to play drums, make music and become a star…all her focus is on #teamhope

With no one else to turn to.. Kelly finds herself before the one man who affected her more than any other… for help… Anthony Jackson…Doctor Anthony Jackson Cardiac specialist.

There Are very few authors who can make you chuckle like a loon with laughter and sob great big ugly cry tears within moments of each other…it takes true gift… Amie knight is one of those authors.
A Truly gifted writer that creates and paints these wonderfully tortured and tested ( in the best and worst ways by life ) characters, breathing life in to them and making them become so realistic, so human and likeable.

The queen of the feels does not disappoint with this final instalment of the heart series and I wouldn’t expect any less, Kelly and Jackson’s story is one of Hope and Faith and each other, in the themselves and the world… and it’s wonderful from start to finish.
It contains some tough potentially trigger worthy situations involving kids and medicine.. but be brave..your in safe hands and it’s worth everyone of those beautiful ugly cry tears.

A true second chance book, in so many many ways then the obvious ‘romantic’ kind of chance.

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Amie Knight on amazon UK

Amie Knight on amazon US

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