Twist of Fate: Veredian Chronicles #4 by Regine Abel


Book four in this series.

First officer Ghan, massive, miscled, stoic and severely suffering from the Taint. What little time he has left he wants to spend doing what he does best kicking ass and enjoying his beloved adoptive family which includes his adopted little sister Amalia, life long best friend and commander General Khal and Lhor ( lifelong bullseye and butt of jokes ) dubbed uncle by their children and son. He has found a comfort in them that he never thought possible.

Continuing to work alongside the mighty Turrean army to work on freeing the remaining captive Veredians, after General Khel decides to step back from leading the Xelixian army, Ghan is left working alongside Admiral Lee the Turrean military leader to focus and strategise where their enemy Varreck will next appear.
This is Ghan’s final blaze of glory and he’s not going down without a fight…until he meets Aleina and all his plans fly out the air lock….he can’t condemn her to a male who is a walking death sentence.

As mentioned above this is the forth book in the series… and to fully enjoy it You really do need to read the previous books in this series, it’s a wonderfully meaty series that is rich in back story and plot… each book has a history and tells a section of the story, that needs to be read ( and enjoyed ) and believe me when I say YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

There is a full cast of fantastically constructed characters and from the moment I ‘met’ Ghan in book 1…I was hooked!! 💚💚💚 I love me a big gruff grumpy marshmellow! And his book ( and Ghan ) does not disappoint!

I freaking adore this series.. the twists in this book knocked my socks off and I could not and was not gonna put it down till I finished! I am in awe of the amount of world building that has gone into this series and this book maintains that and builds on it. I cannot wait to see what will happen next… because I don’t want to leave the Veredians/Xelixians yet!

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