📚📚Cover Reveal📚📚 Twist of Fate: Veredian Chronicles #4 by Regine Abel

I’m overjoyed to share this cover and cannot wait when this bad boy releases!! I have adored this series from the start and have waited for Gahn’s story from the moment he appeared in book 1!!! BRING ON THE GRUFF MARSHMALLOW!


Twist of Fate: Veredian Chronicles #4 by Regine Abel 
#Paranormal #Sci-Fi Romance

Release Date:​May 8, 2018

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First Officer Ghan has entered the final stages of the Taint, the deadly disease that kills most Xelixian males by the age of forty. He is determined to bring an elusive foe to justice before his body shuts down completely.

When tragedy strikes a close ally, he finds his soulmate in an unexpected twist of fate. If only she had revealed herself sooner, she could have cured him. But now, will Ghan endure a life of agony to be by her side or will fate deal them a new hand?

Sneaky Peek 1

“Oh, don’t give me that!” she said, playfully slapping my foot. “You’ve just had the biggest, most fearsome male in the Western Quadrant, rippling muscles, soul-piercing dark eyes, and rumbling voice all to yourself, locked up in your private quarters with you wearing that luscious-curves-hugging outfit. So don’t tell me nothing! Spill it! I want all the juicy details. Tell me you at least did a bit of groping!” Although I managed to keep my expression neutral, my burning cheeks and ears gave me away. “Oh Goddess! You did! You naughty girl!” she squealed, grabbing my ankle and shaking it. “Ow! Let go,” I mumbled. “It wasn’t like that. I thought you liked him?” “Pfft, we all like him. Big alpha male, scary as hell brutish face, biceps bigger than my head, can crush an enemy with one hand without breaking a sweat, and yet he turns into a cuddly, fluffy little sweetheart at a simple smile from Zhara. What female wouldn’t want to have him melt like that for her? What Sister wouldn’t want to give him an army of daughters to fawn over like that too?”

Sneaky Peek 2

“Before today’s events, many of us couldn’t declare our interest,” I whispered. “But now, we’re free. I’m free at last to express how I truly feel.” He froze, his shock plain to see. Yet, he still didn’t pull away. Leaning forward, I pushed onto the tips of my toes to brush my lips against his. Ghan’s gaze smouldered and my stomach flip-flopped. Wrapping my arms around him, I pressed my chest to his and reclaimed his lips, this time with more conviction. After a beat, he finally responded, the firm cushion of his mouth pressing against mine. His large hands, powerful enough to snap my spine in two, held me close. One slid up my back, cupping my nape while his fingers gently massaged my scalp.

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